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  1. Destroy All Astro-Mages!
    by Mage... or Astro-Mage?
  2. novej kalhnjënno
    by Trhä
  3. Our Heaven Amongst the Stars
    by Phantom Spire
  4. Insignificance
    by Jim O'Rourke
  5. Stilhedens Tårn LP
    by Offermose
  6. Enchantment of the Ring
    by Secret Stairways
  7. Elric of Melniboné
    by Elric
  8. Trans-Millenia Music
    by Pauline Anna Strom
  9. This Is How You Smile
    by Helado Negro
  10. The Work
    by Karel
  11. Máquina de Vénus
    by Blacksea Não Maya
  12. Subordination
    by Institute
  13. The Grand Descent
    by Fuming Mouth
  14. Swingin Swords, Choppin Lords
    by Mindforce
  15. 무너지기 (Crumbling)
    by 공중도둑 (Mid-Air Thief)
  16. Speciation
  17. Lesions Of A Different Kind
    by Undeath
  18. H.A.Q.Q.
    by Liturgy
  19. Becoming Peter Ivers
    by Peter Ivers
  20. Contact
    by Greg Fox