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  1. Haudattujen Valvoja
    by Halo Manash
  2. Wesieni Wainajat
    by Halo Manash
  3. Death Mycelium
    by Caldon Glover
  4. The Wyrd
    by Caldon Glover
  5. Sigillato nel sacrario
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  6. Par-Antra II: TAA
    by Halo Manash
    Varjo Varjo
    Ritual ambient par excellence. Hits my preference for this kind of atmosphere perfectly. I certainly hope to see more Halo Manash on bandcamp, as the act appears to have quite a few albums released.
  7. The Night Slept On My Arm
    by Desiderii Marginis
    Rain On Your Dreams Rain On Your Dreams
    Both are solid tracks, but Rain On Your Dreams really has that _something_ in it that drew me to dark ambient in the first place. It has atmoshpere of "brooding, menacing unknown flickering at the edge of consciousness."
    Excellent track.
  8. Phase 5
    by Richard Bégin
    Polarisation des électrodes Polarisation des électrodes
    Unique and interesting concept gets you only so far - but here, also the execution is without comparison. Album unlike any other I've listened to. I dislike unharmonious noise elements in dark ambient, but here my mind was blown how tastefully everything is paced and arranged. Phase 5 is a rare, dark treat for your psyche.
  9. Ruined World
    by Entangled System
    City of Ghosts City of Ghosts
    It's a convincing debut album. Soundscapes are diverse within single tracks and throughout album, meaning there's enough going on to make each track an individual journey without undermining the integrity of the album. Industrial elements are used in moderation; they are not an earsore. Ruined World strikes a good balance between drones and more traditional musical elements. Well recommended.
  10. Decline
    Broken Waltz Broken Waltz
    A well constructed album in its own right with melancholic piano scores and percussion fitting dark ambient. But oh my gosh that Broken Waltz. That track is beyond words, pure distilled genius.
  11. Erotomechaniks [Expanded Edition]
    by Coph Nia / Mindspawn
    Mekanick Mekanick
    Astounding album I heartily recommend. The throbbing and pulsating rhythms and dark aeon-spanning sound textures are hypnotic, and yet there is progression in each track so that the music becomes a travel in the mind's eye. Sounds achieve a kind of "dark harmony" where they seem to connect to each other in ways that border on a specific kind of mysticism so dear to me. Easily one of my top dark ambient albums.
  12. Veneno Astrum Draconis
    by Somnium Sanguis Caelestis
    Perception - Fragments Of An Elusive Dream Perception - Fragments Of An Elusive Dream
    What a find! After listening dark ambient for so long, it's rare to stumble upon an entirely new sensation within the genre. To me this album feels like exploring a haunted psyche, with each track a different fragment of the splintered whole.
  13. Foxgloves & Bluebells
    by Artefactum
    Fairy Lanterns Fairy Lanterns
    So happy to find Artefactum's unique sound on Bandcamp. Album description actually does justice to this piece of art. Audible whispering and sporadic melodies gives a sense of drifting between dream and wake.
  14. Antarabhava / The Six Realms
    by Contemplatron
    Horizon Of Perceptions Horizon Of Perceptions
    Contemplatron in general is a slightly different take on dark ambient, and brilliantly so. Especially The Six Realms is darkly hypnotic, trance-inducing deep dive to confront or perhaps just to behold the presence of jungian shadows.
  15. Celestial Fire
    by SHRINE
  16. Tomb of Witches
    by Cryo Chamber
  17. Camanecroszcope II ‎– Echoes Ov A Beckoning Arcanum
    by Camanecroszcope = Ah Cama-Sotz + Iszoloscope
  18. SIGINT
    by False Mirror
  19. Black Form
    by Inner Vision Laboratory
  20. Nausicaä
    by SHRINE