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  1. Beyond Twilight’s Embers
    by Sinistral Doom
  2. For the Glory of your Redeemer
    by Misotheist
    by NAZXUL
  4. Devil's Creation
    by Malum
  5. Pure Cold Impurity
    by Warmoon Lord
  6. Cold Breath of Winter
    by Fullmoon Night Ritual
  7. Paint The Sky With Blood
    by Bodom After Midnight
  8. 2020 Rough demo
    by bleeder
  9. Enter the Morbid Obscurity
    by Gzekhratüs
    Panegyric to Lucifer Panegyric to Lucifer
  10. Masters of Universal Mysteries
    by Gzekhratüs
  11. Death's Wings Widespread
    by Grafvitnir
  12. Keys To The Mysteries Beyond
    by Grafvitnir
  13. Obeisance To A Witch Moon
    by Grafvitnir
  14. 空(Sunyata)
    by 虚极(Bliss-Illusion)
  15. Winter Solstice
    by Black Pyre
  16. Antiquity
    by Wythersake
  17. Diablerie
    by Nuit Macabre
    Diablerie - Feat Unholy Diablerie - Feat Unholy
  18. In Worship Our Blood Is Buried
    by Embryonic Slumber
  19. Art Alien -Om Shanti (goaep383 - Goa Records)
    by Goa Records
  20. Memorio - Ember Reincarnate (ovniep397- Ovnimoon Records)
    by Ovnimoon Records