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  1. Amanita (Deluxe Edition)
    by Bardo Pond
  2. the hungry soul
    by Kulku
  3. you went gospel on me
    by Leaf Kickers
    you went gospel on me you went gospel on me
    A brilliant record - you can feel this perfect balance between the chaos of noise and the harmony of two gifted musicians interacting.
    Big respect for the drumming of Sebastian Fäth - a pure storytelling in the rhythm structures!
  4. Jrpjej - Qorror
    by Ored Recordings
    Jrpjej - Абдзах нысащэ Орэд (Тыркуейм Хьэкурынэхьабл къыщаIорэ орэд) Jrpjej - Абдзах нысащэ Орэд (Тыркуейм Хьэкурынэхьабл къыщаIорэ орэд)
    Incredible and hypnotizing work. Their anthropological approach is stunning.
    One of the kind!
  5. More
    by Blankenberge
  6. Portaali
    by Dreare
  7. О, упырь
    by Дотти Дэнжер
    Ашхабад Ашхабад
    I saw this band for the first time when I was 16. Needless to say they were my own private soundtrack for the days of rebellious adolescence.

    This album is probably their finest and most elaborated work. Awesome dark vibe, catchy riffs and quite cryptic lyrics (typical for them). After all these years, Dottie Danger manage to elegantly balance between up-beat dark punk and very fine melodies (just listen to this almost post-rock move in the middle of "Арест").