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Jarred Schulte

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  2. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. settle in (chapter 1)
    by vHiktor freeze
  2. A Calm, Measured Response (Extended Play)
    by Two Weeks Notice
    Can't Ever Hold Us Down (Jarred's Song) Can't Ever Hold Us Down (Jarred's Song)
    Hands down the best album to drop in 2020. Tribe and kHill manage to bottle lightening again five years after their debut album. An album that manages to fully encapsulate 2020 in six tracks. Winding through the revelation that heroes sometimes wind up being total bastards, the fact that two people can help each other through just about anything, and ending on a hopeful note to send us off into 2021. Things are gonna be much better as Niles says, but not many albums out there are going to be.
  3. Battlesloths: The Great Pizza Score
    by Crunk Witch
  4. The Dust Jackets EP
    by The Dust Jackets
  5. Humble Bundle
    by MC Lars
  6. No God Nor Country
    by Sole & DJ Pain 1
  7. terminal.
    by Mikal kHill
  8. Patreon Tracks (Vol 1)
    by Mega Ran
  9. BLIP
    by Professor Shyguy
    Defeated (feat Anairis Q) Defeated (feat Anairis Q)
    This record should have been titled “Music to Smash By” because it’s one sexy beast! The colabs are awesome, the arrangements are on point and as usual Prof’s lyrics are fantastic. Well worth the wait!
  10. The Dewey Decibel System
    by MC Lars & Mega Ran
  11. Hit the Lights
    by Crunk Witch
  12. Crunk Witch
    by Crunk Witch
  13. The Department of Darkness
    by The Department of Darkness
  14. 7 Evil Lexes (feat. None Like Joshua, Adam Selene, Kadesh Flow, Shubzilla, Creative Mind Frame, Ohm-I, & Schaffer the Darklord) (prod. Mikal kHill)
    by LEX the Lexicon Artist
  15. DEF CON 26: The Official Soundtrack
    by Various Artists
  16. DEF CON 25: The Official Soundtrack
    by Various Artists
  17. beachy keen
    by Mikal kHill
    It's Alright To Hate Your Fucking Life (Beach Formal Version) It's Alright To Hate Your Fucking Life (Beach Formal Version)
  18. FNFII: Advanced Friends & Fandoms
    by Vince Vandal
  19. The Remix Collection: The Ellington Project
    by Spekulation
  20. Symphonies Of The Knight (limited online release)
    by Mega Ran & K-Murdock
    VIP member exclusive