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  1. Hiddensee
    by CEEYS_Brothers.Selke
  2. Carbon
    by Ecker & Meulyzer
  3. Morals and Dogma
    by Deathprod
  4. A Soul Ascends
    by Steve Roach
  5. Voler
    by Grace Ferguson
    petomani petomani
  6. Tomorrow Was The Golden Age
    by Bing & Ruth
  7. Enter Revolution
    by Locked Groove
  8. The Almost Gone OST
    by Yves De Mey
  9. Depths
    by Windy & Carl
  10. The Tired Sounds of
    by Stars of the Lid
  11. This Train I Ride (Original Soundtrack)
    by Warren Ellis
  12. The Whalebone Box (Original Score)
    by Andrew Kötting, Oliver Cherer & Riz Maslen
  13. Resonance
    by Yumiko Morioka
  14. Albumsi
    by Bufiman
  15. Folk Triumfator
    by Zandvoort & Uilenbal
  16. Minor Planet
    by Midori Hirano
  17. Faults, Coasts, Lines
    by loscil
  18. To End All Life
    by VUAL
  19. Monocoastal
  20. Xorkia (Collected Singles)
    by Oskar Schuster