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  1. VA - Ubrahk
    by Compilation
    Ghostscent - Spaced Out Ghostscent - Spaced Out
    Great release as usual! ..but Hellige Odin that Ghostscent track by Ola made my neck-hairs stand up and scream while my mind spaced out!
  2. Vi rir til Hutti Heita
    by Hutti Heita
  3. Mad Show
    by Loke
  4. Strävan
    by Murg
  5. Aura EP
    by Narcotic 303
  6. Second World
    by Narcotic 303
  7. Entangled Everything
    by Globular
    Kaleidoscope Tribe Kaleidoscope Tribe
    Gets better and better for each listen. Morison delivers every time! Thanks m8 :)
  8. Winter Restlessness
    by Mount Shrine
  9. Eglise de Betzdorf
    by Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder
  10. White Noise and Black Metal
    by Craft
  11. Eye of Tunguska
    by Ugasanie
  12. Border of Worlds
    by Ugasanie
  13. Ice Breath of Antarctica
    by Ugasanie
  14. White Silence
    by Ugasanie
  15. Call of the North
    by Ugasanie
  16. Satan Ov Suns
    by Doedsvangr
  17. Into the Breach Soundtrack
    by Ben Prunty
    A.C.I.D. A.C.I.D.
    Another great one from Ben!
  18. Väsen
    by Grá
  19. Helfärd EP
    by Grá
  20. Sol (Remastered Edition)