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  1. Changing Tides
    by MORiLLO
    Sanskrit Sanskrit
    Continues to mine sounds from island dub to middle eastern and near eastern raga. Great World Music
  2. City Sadness
    by Desperate Living
    Debbie Downer Debbie Downer
    Philly band that puts out really concise eps. This format is perfect for the sort of HardCore that they do so well. Fast yet metallic, Desperate Living issue yet another blast.
  3. New Model
    Tainted Empire Tainted Empire
    I do not have a deep collection of industrial/agro tech or any of the other numerous sub genres , Perturbator comes down on this clean dark and has hints of futuro/ vangelis moodiness.
  4. Pipe Dreams
    by Whirr
    Flashback Flashback
    You are not going to go wrong with any tracks on this lp. Whirr deal in big washes of sound. Akin to Swervedriver and vocals sort of Lush like. now I have 2 of their albums.
  5. Twin Cities Breakdown
    by New Rocket Union
    Dirty Little Lies Dirty Little Lies
    The band is solid rock, much like Rocket from The Crypt they simply have a huge chunky straight ahead style.
  6. Far Star
    by Gilad Hekselman
    Fast Moving Century (feat. Shai Maestro & Eric Harland) Fast Moving Century (feat. Shai Maestro & Eric Harland)
    Modern Jazz that is very much popping. Guitar is Hekselman's core but rounding out this album is a solid group and in this case a break out drum solo.
  7. Free Your Mind!
    by PERSONⒶ
    Pure Evil Pure Evil
    HC band that charges like a bull out of a rodeo gate. Cannot add much more of an up, though there is a killer sample from Desperate Living kicking off things .
  8. Siglo XXI
    by Belgrado
    Jeszcze Raz Jeszcze Raz
    My second purchase from this post punk band from Spain. Elements of The Banshees and early Pylon.
    by IDLES
    Meds Meds
    Idles are great, they remind me of Grotesque era The Fall and that is not a bad thing. Nice ranting lyrics along with jagged riffs.
  10. Industrial Ruination
    by Black Agent
    Final Curtain Final Curtain
    Sharp focused Industrial , not super harsh, but has a menacing crawl to it . I am not much on poppier electonica and tend towards the more dark.
  11. Head For the Shallow
    by Big Business
    Technically Electrified Technically Electrified
    Do you like Metal, do you like Punk and Metal, do you like raging big ass sound. Big Business chug like say Melvins or Big Chief or Tad but pick up the pace quite a bit.
  12. Fate In Seven Lessons
    by Cold Cave
    Happy Birthday Dark Star Happy Birthday Dark Star
    Darkwave, winks at old batcave period. Really like this project and heard them on Communion After Dark.
  13. Folk Art & The Death Of Electric Jesus
    by The Bonnevilles
    Separate Ways Separate Ways
    Most of the material is electrified hybrid Blues and all of it is great. These guys have a few lps behind them, this is the first Bonneviiles lp I bought...introduced to them on Swamp Jacuzzi podcast .
  14. Comfort To Me
    by Amyl and the Sniffers
    Don't Need A Cunt (Like You To Love Me) Don't Need A Cunt (Like You To Love Me)
    What is there to say about Amy and the band, they are punk as fuck. I have the self titled lp and the second is a solid follow up, Good to see more Aussies like Drunk Mums and I am a fan of The Saints and Radio Birdman.
  15. Ambrosia
    by Arbiter
    Leviathan Leviathan
    Arbiter are a throwback in the best possible sense. I am in my 60s and was into Genesis ( Peter Gabriel), ELP and later in 1978 left it behind for punk indie etc.

    There are plenty of Neo Prog bands that I liked Convocation Of, Cheer Accident, Electric Moon who are more Psyche....and now Arbiter.
  16. Stuck in a Void (Album)
    by HIGH/LOW
    Altered Beast Altered Beast
    Hard to pinpoint , which is great and is high praise from someone who stretches back to 1978 post punk/indie. Blur, Ride, more pop than brutal and for High/Low a sure balance.
  17. Way Out
    by Good Shade
    We're Open We're Open
    There is one genre of music that I do not have enough good or should I say great examples of. Good Shade from Ohio remind me of earlier club bands ( I hate the whole New Wave vs Punk thing)..great album.
  18. Testors "Live Recordings 1976-1979"
    by Sonny Vincent/Testors
    Don't Tell Me Don't Tell Me
    A ripping good time with a band that preceded many on both coasts in terms of Punk Fury. Sonny Vincent still alive and still Rocking is somebody who has seen NYC from Punk to HC to Garage to whatever .
  19. Stereo Demonstration
    by Kiara Geller
    Black Yak Black Yak
    A collection of Library Music. Very mid 20th ala Mad Men. Most of the tunes are not frantic, pretty chill.
  20. Awakening
    by The Pharaohs
    Black Enuff Black Enuff
    This is prime Funk 1972, includes Maurice White from EW&F . I like the raw fun on this lp and jazzy elements as well. Lots of Horns