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  1. Apocalypse Dudes
    by Turbonegro
    Rendezvous With Anus Rendezvous With Anus
    Turbonegro really need no introduction they appeared in 1989 as an "Out" Punk Band that did not mince words and they Rocked. Scandinavia often gets overlooked for balls out Rock.
  2. Claw Marks
    by Neighborhood Brats
    Misery Parade Misery Parade
    Good solid sound, reminds me of very early Social Distortion, melodic Punk with great singer. The only regret I have with Bandcamp is that there are so many new bands and artists, as well as established ones. Hard to comb through, but that's actually great.
  3. The Sun
    by Somali Yacht Club
    Sun Sun
    Very ear filling album that keeps unfolding as it travels along. Also detect bits of Grunge ala Soundgarden so there are also some great keening vocals.
  4. Rites of Burial (complete edition)
    by IKON
    The Shattered Mirror (demo) The Shattered Mirror (demo)
    Not all that familiar with Goth, I am 61 and of course reference Bowie, Bauhaus, Siouxsie and The Banshees, The Birthday Party.

    Ikon I was not aware of, I have corrected that. I enjoy the diversity from acoustic folk to electronica and straight up darkness, quite a neat package.
  5. Demotivational Speeches
    by Negative Measures
    Nothing Will Change Nothing Will Change
    Not as Gothy as Bad Beach, but I felt a need to bring them up. Negative Measures are HC but not straight thrash. In a sea of bands that need a defining sound...they established one.
    by grasshopper
    I Think It's Time to Wake Up Now I Think It's Time to Wake Up Now
    Do you like Joy Division, Sisters of Mercy, these Brits land in the same field as those two iconic bands. Post Punk with definite Gothic sound.
  7. Life & Love
    by Skinshape
    Don't Call My Name Don't Call My Name
    Interesting blend of music, very relaxed beach type sounds surrounded by all sorts of walls of pop.
  8. Spirituality and Distortion
    by Igorrr
    Paranoid Bulldozer Italiano Paranoid Bulldozer Italiano
    Holy mashups Batman, this producer driven project is a spinning top of genre bending cuts. We have exotica, death metal, opera, jungle, insane atmospherics.........perfect.
  9. Spiderbites
    by Indonesian Junk
    City Lights City Lights
    I am 61 and went to clubs 1978 on , post punk and then HC Punk. These guys are like when I started seeing bands like The Brains, The Shirts, etc at clubs.
  10. Erozje
    by Błoto
    Czarnoziemy Czarnoziemy
    Polish Jazz combo that touches base with bop and free form with a dash of trip hop and a dollop of Rock ( very little, but enough to make you say huh).
  11. Nowhere
    by Happy Dagger
    In The Graveyard In The Graveyard
    Hard to explain , but I would say this reminds me somewhat of The Fiery Furnaces. Quirky instrumentals backing up half spoken sung lyrics with a few instrumentals. Most of this can be credited to Jesse...I am enjoying it.
  12. Empire of Signs
    by Travel Kyoto
    Hiroko Mon Amour Hiroko Mon Amour
    This is my second purchase of a Travel Kyoto journey. The project is a mish mash of exotica, samples, and warped treated vocals.
  13. Somewhere Else
    by Lydia Loveless
    Really Wanna See You Really Wanna See You
    Another fantastic lp, I enjoy her brand of razor wire Country. I already have "Real" so I guess I am shuffling the back catalog now. Great stuff
  14. Talk Is Cheap
    by The Scoffs
    Talk Is Cheap Talk Is Cheap
    Rocking strutting poppy and fun. Heard this on Greg Lonesome's podcast and he has a knack for great sounds and friends.
  15. Tsk
    by Dumb Waiter
    Strange mixture of dissonant sounds, jazz metal punk avant garde. This is not going to appeal to the more linear, but it will appeal to fans of captain Beefheart and Zappa.

    There was a a band near me called Good God that sort of pulled this mixture together. That was in the early 70s I believe.
  16. Melee
    by Dogleg
    Wrist Wrist
    Here is some good HardCore that splits the difference between punk, emo, pop punk, and straight up in your face HardCore Punk. Slashing guitar and tight band.
  17. So Close To Paradise
    by Proper Youth
    Slow Down Slow Down
    This Michigan Band is incredible, and yes I said incredible. Do yourself a favor and sample the rest of this lp.

    The vocals mix and blend and even reach operatic heights. The music is slow paced and on other tracks takes a different tempo.

    good luck to these guys and girl on whatever they do.
  18. Dance Motherfucker EP
    by Motherfuckin' Motherfuckers
    Crash Landing Crash Landing
    This ep is killer and the kind of jolt I needed....thanks. Heard these guys on Rock and Roll Manifesto and had to get this raging blast of unabashed punk.
  19. Let It Slide
    by Mark "Porkchop" Holder
    My Black Name My Black Name
    Heard Mark on Swamp Jacuzzi podcast and his rocking interpretation of the Blues really got my attention.
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  20. Real
    by Lydia Loveless
    Same To You Same To You
    Great Country Artists are hard to come by, when you dismiss most of the junk . Lydia fits alongside many of my favorites Sarah Shook, Paula Frazer, Tift Merritt, Mackenzie Roark