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  1. Poor Lazarus
    Get Behind The Mule Get Behind The Mule
    Really stand out Blues and Rock and Roll the old fashioned way. This genre like Jazz is pretty foreign to me and though I have an extensive Chess Records compilation, this is a modern take from a guy in his late 40s
  2. Vacant Company- Blok
    by Deep Sea Records
    Blok Blok
    Mix of metal, hardcore punk, and more. As usual this sticks out amidst many cookie cutter type bands. It is hard to box this band and that is great.
  3. The God who devastates also cures (CD - £5)
    by Lucas Santtana
    Ela É Belém Ela É Belém
    Very eclectic mash of genres that evoke electronica, tropocalia, and some of the flavor of indie. Very nice and varied from top to bottom.
  4. The Supreme Moment
    by Marleau
    Saratoga Farenheit Saratoga Farenheit
    Canada has some fine artists and here is yet another. Great sounds mixing up rap/soul/cutting/and smooth but funky jazz
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  5. Culture Control
    by Minority Threat
    Scum Scum
    Ohio hardcore punk, straight ahead music and personal /political lyrics that scorch. I can only imagine having to deal with Midwestern right wingers.
  6. Fiesta Muda
    by Mujercitas Terror
    Promess Promess
    Argentina must have a great scene... This band is pretty varied in it's approach and nice fills and layers as well as some straight ahead punky pop.
  7. Tilt-A-Whirl
    by Dester Farms
    Jesus Saves Jesus Saves
    Great Combo and the interplay is fun and engaged. The guitar play with the horns and a sharp Bass add to the overall playfulness here. All tracks are instrumentals
  8. Acne Scars
    by Whidbey
    Julia Julia
    I am a sucker for the type of shoegazing pop that this gent is producing himself. The sound is crystal and rivals many of the bands who are also delving into neo shoegazing pop.
  9. Dreaming Dreams No Mortal Ever Dared To Dream Before
    by Einsamkeit
    Crawling Worms Crawling Worms
    Mexican project and it shines in the world of Industrial agro The influences are in the metallish vein of Psyclon Nine and some speeded beats on others. Good electronic offering.
  10. Season Of Mist
    by Dead Horse One
    Disconnected Disconnected
    I listen to a podcast called Big Takeover and Jack turned me on to this French Band who obviously are in love with Swervedriver/Adam Franklin.......because the sounds are like shards of polished glass.
    by Urban Waste
    Recession Recession
    I still have their 7 inch from back in the you know I am no youngster. NYC HC from those early days and with political aim. Thus is not some happy knee slapping sing along.
  12. WWNBB#077 - Unless
    by Crescendo
    Softly Softly
    shoegaze cover a lot of territory and these sounds are definitely spacey, ethereal, and layered. I myself enjoy early Lush, Swervedriver, Ride, Cocteau Twins///////so this was a pleasant surprise for me.
  13. Broken Machinery
    by M.O.D.
    Crabby Scary Mind Crabby Scary Mind
    Italian Electro duo that I am sure I heard on "Communion after Dark" podcast, the male/female band hails from Italy and are top of the line as far their sound. Additional Mixes of "Broken Machinery" fill out the bottom with some wild mixes.
  14. Elder
    by Bowlsey
    Powerless Powerless
    Oklahoma quartet that take soul / funk and bring it to 2017 with dashes of hip hop. interesting mix of sounds that are blended seamlessly
  15. So Yeah
    by The Thirteen Club
    Clara Clara
    Nice sounds by this very jazzy uk quintet. They convey a club setting and there is an ever changing motif between songs called anaphora that has a more modern touch.
  16. Shutdown
    by BoxCartel
    No Crime No Crime
    Country for 2017 by band from DC that gets to the roots of that genre. Boxcartel are crystal clear and very down to the level. The songs are not corny, rather they convey the Folksy essence of Americana.
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  17. Unique World
    by Supernova 1006
    In Darkness In Darkness
    Gothic mostly instrumental moodiness from Russia. It is apparent that they love music and their genre and I do not think it is necessary for most to hear me rattle them off. For fans of goth moodiness.
  18. Illustrated Bird
    by The Hangabouts
    Cut Down Cut Down
    Lets start with influences like Pet Sounds Beach Boys, Big Star ballads, Joe Pernice, very pop well crafted tunes that are both sad/happy and quite innocent sounding but the lyrics are those of a breakup.
  19. Mad World
    by Blaise B. & Kubes
    Cow Patties Cow Patties
    lots of tracks , straight up and have to say the cadence/ samples/ and wordplay are top notch. Chicago hip hop
  20. Kikagaku Moyo
    by Kikagaku Moyo
    Can You Imagine Nothing Can You Imagine Nothing
    Psyche is still being made and this is a good example of it. I would say that many who remember Bongwater would enjoy this excursion.
  21. strange bodies
    by strange bodies
    picture show picture show
    a lot of washes, some acoustic and electric guitar and a nice balance of pop and shoegaze. some references to a much slower type bailterspace or lush but not in their league and much more personal.
  22. Passing Through The Wall
    by Zevious
    Passing Through The Wall Passing Through The Wall
    jamming jazz that many who like bands like early trans am, tortoise, turing machine and such will like. nice percussion definitely are leaning towards rock.
  23. First Born
    by Savvy Williams
    Unstoppable Unstoppable
    nice mix of good lyric to varied sounds in the mix. I am not that big of a fan of hip hop, but this caught my ear and I liked enough to buy outright.
  24. Crossover Ministry
    by Iron Reagan
    Bleed the Fifth Bleed the Fifth
    supergroup of thrash and hardcore musicians that harkens back to when I became excited about metal again in 1985. Slayer/ SOD/ NYC HC ....though the band hail from Virginia .
  25. Demo 1989 LP
    by Kara Śmierci
    Flaga / Problem Flaga / Problem
    Polish HC ,,,,hard hitting and since I am American , the only big Polish band I know of is Dezerter. These guys are every bit as good as Dezerter, hard hitting and politically aware.
  26. 15 Seconds
    Biopshere Biopshere
    Nice and moody ebm from Germany that combines mostly glitch and dance, with some elements on the heavier end. The album is more club than aggro.
  27. Mystery Cove LP
    by Monster Rally
    The Big Surf The Big Surf
    Nice lounge type band, very subdued and perfect for relaxing. Elements of exotica......but more ambient than a fully immersed retro combo .
  28. DEMO '16
    by Younglove
    Common Man Common Man
    old school punk and to me ( I am 58) HC California style in the model of nardcore and the like. lyrics are sung as opposed to many of todays more lightning fast bands
  29. Hykayat, l'exil accidentel
    by Hassan K.
    Sâlik Sâlik
    Was looking for middle eastern sounds of today and this indeed blends mid/near/ and many other sounds for a unique instrumental take on a global scale
  30. La P'tite Fumée - Triboux
    by La P'tite Fumée
    Pachu-Pichu Pachu-Pichu
    tends towards the exotica and loungy which is no put down from me, in fact it is quite sophisticated and unique. I have to say with so much great music being made....bandcamp makes for a great record store for people looking for a spark amidst a lot of commercial drreck.
  31. Studio
    by Rhythm Junkies
    'Lectric Chair Blues 'Lectric Chair Blues
    I like retro era swing like squirrel nut zippers and these cats from Lithuania do it right. Think of the film "Forbidden Zone" soundtrack by danny elfman and you are in for a treat.

    look for track "some of these Days"
  32. Carrion Screaming
    by Silent Scream
    Stepford Stepford
    the comparison to rudimentary peni is apt as is the moodiness of amebix and I am quoting another fan. I find this album to be varied but dark .
  33. Cistern
    by Jherek Bischoff
    Cas(s)iopeia Cas(s)iopeia
    modern classical piano violin and a very cinematic sense of flair. this particular track reminds me of the movie "the hunger" soundtrack and that is not a put down.....this track sort of swirls around you.
  34. Pipe EP
    by Adrian H and The Wounds
    Strut Strut
    very sleazy menacing type mood music that sorta reminds me of tom waits
    by RUT
    always neat to come across hc punk that is not following any other band as far as instrumentation and the vocalist kicks ass.
  36. Mischief
    by Blind Justice
    Get Outta Here Get Outta Here
    nj hardcore and the lyrics had me smiling as an old head from the philly scene cica 81
  37. Nocturne
    by Theodore West
    Opia Opia
    shades of joe hisaishi on this release and it is a beautiful mixture of strings and piano that creates a soundscape at least for me
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  38. From This Point Forward
    by Mitchell McCarthy
    From This Point Forward: V. Esprit de corps From This Point Forward: V. Esprit de corps
    I am not really a classical music expert and do have some of the basics and do enjoy soundtrack scores . rachels, and godspeed you black emperor.

    this album contains a nice long suite that I found charming and worth having. like I said I am not an expert, but I know what I like
    appears in 1 other collection
  39. Old Charter
    by Honey Bones
    Ketamine Ketamine
    interesting mixture of indie, dance, electronica, pop
  40. Ripped from Stem to Stern
    by Real America
    S.O.S. America S.O.S. America
    solid alt Americana and really good. I liked 16 horsepower, tarnation, and laura Cantrell. This has a lot o the seafaring type of feel to it and in these trump days.......a sort of call to shore.
  41. Police State
    by Martial Law
    Kill the Greek Kill the Greek
    I am very old school at the tail end of post punk and the ground flood of HC and I have respect and love for the generations since, these Texans rock and this particular song hits home with me about frats/ jocks ( not all of them, but the stereotypical ones suck)
  42. Cruel Machine (Industry8) American Edition
    by The Spiritual Bat
    Once Upon A Time Once Upon A Time
    interesting Italian band with a great lead singer. the entire band are spot on and top notch. interesting reach of influences pulling from switchblade symphony to siouxsie and everything in between. they are unique and worth checking into.
  43. Nerve Endings [LP]
    by Mind Rays
    Demuie Demuie
    great rocking punk and a band after my own heart
  44. Outset
    by Outset
    Epistrophy Epistrophy
    solid lp and is filled with tight , sometimes minimal, and a sprinkle of free form. I like isotope 217 and tortoise
  45. Grand Tapestry
    by Grand Tapestry
    Sacrifice (feat. Priya Darshini & Max ZT) Sacrifice (feat. Priya Darshini & Max ZT)
    interesting blend of india, classical, street sounds blended into a pretty neat album that bucks cookie cutter hip hop.