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  2. Electronic
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  1. Transmissions EP
    by Dead.
  2. Intimidation Tactics 353 (with bonus tracks)
    by Chrome Corps.
  3. Closer And Closer Apart
  4. The After Effect
    by Cyanotic
  5. PI10 [π10]
    by Geistform
  6. Hiding In Plain Sight
    by ASC
  7. The Tonal Cycles
    by ASC
  8. Let the Earth Be Silent
  9. Schweben
    by Glaring
  10. 5TH
    by TC75
  11. Bourbonese Qualk
    by Bourbonese Qualk
  12. Paralyzed
    by Glaring
  13. Industrial Ruination
    by Black Agent
  14. The Others [Lustmord Deconstructed]
    by Lustmord
  15. MNQ 148 RXmode - Tunnel EP
    by RXmode
  16. Abstract Parasite
    by Lower Tar
  17. Dark & Filthy (SG 2192)
    by Dasha Rush
  18. NO MORE - LOVE, NOISE & PARANOIA - 40 Years Anniversay Compilation - digital album
    by NO MORE
  19. My Brutal World
    by This Is The Bridge
  20. Undinyx
    by Undinyx
    A hauntingly beautiful album that ties in with Darkwave and Ethereal bands of the 80's and early 90's in the best possible way. Since recommendations don't seem to work without name dropping, this album is a delight for anyone who likes bands like Cocteau Twins, early Love Is Colder Than Death, or early Cranes.