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  1. Bloody Station
    by Painted Mirror
  2. My World Is Always Black (Single)
    by The Last Days of Jesus
  3. Salvation and Saving Face
    by Rosegarden Funeral Party
  4. Self-Surgery
    by Mrs. Piss
  5. Tortured Decline
    by Rosegarden Funeral Party
  6. Secondary Eyes
    by Delphine Coma
  7. Forsaken Lands
    by Pilgrims of Yearning
  8. Second Seduction
    by Panic Priest
  9. Here Lies
    by Astari Nite
  10. Destino Destrucción
    by Diavol Strâin
  11. Pitchblack
  12. Living For Nothing
    by Horror Vacui
  13. Silence is Calling
    by IKON
  14. Thy Will Be Done
    by Ashes Fallen
  15. Omega
    by The Secret Experiment
  16. Lifeline
    by The Last Cry
  17. There Must Be Somebody
    by Selofan
  18. Emancipation Day
  19. Perspectives II
    by Antipole
  20. Heavenly Rhythms for the Uninitiated
    by True Body