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  1. Twinkle
    by Daddy Longhead
  2. Fungus Shui
    by JD Pinkus
  3. Still A Bitch
    by JD Pinkus
  4. Joy to the MF'n World
    by JD Pinkus
  5. Small Flames
    by Dylan Blackthorn
  6. 2113
    by Pong
  7. The End is Here - The Last Label in the World Presents the Last Bands on Earth
    by Various Artists
  8. Smoke On The WATA
    by WE Are The Asteroid
  9. Halloween
    by WE Are The Asteroid
  10. WATA/TSMMR split single
    by WE Are The Asteroid/TsuShiMaMiRe
  11. WATA Roky Night Bonus Track
    by WE Are The Asteroid
  12. Hot Fish (Melvins/Flipper cover with different words and music because we only heard it once)
    by WE Are The Asteroid
  13. Leroy
    by WE Are The Asteroid
  14. WATA Merry Christmas
    by WE Are The Asteroid
  15. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
    by Invincible Czars
  16. Politics of Attraction
    by Bad Wires
    by X
  18. I Sing The WATA Electric
    by WE Are The Asteroid
  19. Ed's Not Dead ---- Hamell Comes Alive!
  20. Sizz Comp Vol. 2 (Deluxe Small Box)
    by Sizz Records Compilation Albums