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  1. A.D.
    by christtt
  2. Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland (Remastered) Extended Edition
    by Shpongle
  3. ░ ▒ ▓ █
    This is unlike anything else I have heard.. so far!

    A really well put together album which I am reminded of from time to time, that really says a lot about how unique and good this is to me :)
  4. Wide as the Moonlight, Warm as the Sun
    by Goodnight Cody
    My mind is truly boggled by how this great masterpiece of an album has gone largely unnoticed.

    I love it :D It brings back childish memories and feelings, this is my indulgence when I am alone :)

    The songs are playful and refreshing, and every song has its own style
  5. The Original Sounds of Action Button Entertainment's VIDEOBALL
    by coda
    It is really funky :)
  6. Saturdaze
    by Starcadian
    I just love it!
  7. Panama Papers
    by R u n n e r s C l u b 9 5
    Kambirum Kambirum
    I can dig it!
  8. Unknown Frequency
    by Lucy in Disguise
    Saturn Return Saturn Return
    These sounds please me!

    A nice collection of songs, nothing more to it than that, well made and presented with beautiful album art!

    Love the track names, and especially the synth-sounds within =)
  9. Sci-Fi Lullabies
    by Bluetech
    Nightvale Nightvale
    A slow going album for laying back and relaxing your mind :::)

    Beautiful album art as always
  10. Craven Moorhaus and Lord Shaftesbury in Outer Space
    by Auralnauts
    Chaos and Silence Chaos and Silence
    A tremendous listening experience, with surreal and captivating lyrics.

    With many samplings of old sound effects and samples it creates a very, very unique feel!
    Chaos and Silence is so good.

    Very happy this is up on bandcamp at last!
    Now if they'd just make a vinyl of it I'd be a happy man ;)
  11. Magnetic
    by Xoki & Hieronymus
    Zoom Zoom
    I rarely hear something as unique as this, even more rare is it that I actually set out on a musical hunt with genres like this as the target!

    Good rhythm and nice beats, worth the money, sad to see the physical release is so limited, still incredibly happy I found it at all.
  12. Nothing Lasts...But Nothing Is Lost (Remastered)
    by Shpongle
    Nothing Lasts... (Remastered) Nothing Lasts... (Remastered)
    A pleasure to listen to, Shpongle knows how to make good music indeed.

    Well worth my money at least, I don't think I will ever find an artist on the same wavelength as Shpongle
  13. Nothing Lasts...But Nothing Is Lost
    by Shpongle
    Nothing Lasts... Nothing Lasts...
    A long interwoven masterpiece of shpongle, highly recommended!
  14. Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland
    by Shpongle
    Ineffable Mysteries Ineffable Mysteries
    You have to take your time to listen to this album, it takes you on a trip =]
  15. Tales Of The Inexpressible (Remastered)
    by Shpongle
    My Head Feels Like A Frisbee (Remastered) My Head Feels Like A Frisbee (Remastered)
    A great album from a great artist, a lot of solid tracks in here!
  16. Codex VI
    by Shpongle
    The Magumba State The Magumba State
    Amazing variety and solid tracks all throughout! Whoever said artists lose their touch? This here is proof of the opposite!

    Get it! :::)
  17. Entangled Everything
    by Globular
    The Chalice The Chalice
    A superb album!
  18. Live At Terminal West
    by Ott & The All-Seeing I
  19. Omnious
    by Sync24
    The tale of the lonely apothecary The tale of the lonely apothecary
    This album gives me that feeling, you know.

    A solitary feeling, a feeling that things will be all right, a slowly drawn out breath.

    A rhythm to the pumping, breathing heart of the cosmos, the only thing looking back into the abyss that is everything and wondering, humanity.
  20. Kids
    by The Midnight
    Youth Youth
    It harmonizes with my inner emotions at times.

    It is truly a beautiful album to say the least, the ambiance and atmosphere the filler monologues create is very true to the feel this genre creates as a whole.

    Amazing work Midnight, bravo!
    Now, would you repress some vinyls please? :D