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  1. Rission Misk
    by Juliana B
  2. Everybody
    by Logic
    Great album. We need more like this, love the skit too.
  3. Type II : The Mandelbrot Set
    by Greydon Square
  4. III. Hypatia's Reign
    by Syqnys (Sickness)
  5. BAD LUCK(2003)
    by Syqnys & Kcin
    subscriber exclusive
  6. (Bonus Album) Songs That Should Have Never Been Made Vol. 1(2009) [Bonus Album for CandyCap Rap]
    by syqnys
  7. II. CandyCap Rap and the L8Gr8 Atheist: Why Syqnys is the Future of Rap and Starving Children Taste Good
    by Syqnys (Sickness)
  8. I. Melody of Madnys
    by Syqnys (Sickness)
  9. The Infomatic EP
    by Baba Brinkman
  10. The Rap Canterbury Tales
    by Baba Brinkman
  11. The Rap Guide to Evolution Revised
    by Baba Brinkman
  12. Rapconteur
    by Baba Brinkman
  13. The Rap Guide to Human Nature
    by Baba Brinkman
  14. Symphony of Science Collector's Edition
    by melodysheep
  15. The Cpt Theorem
    by Greydon Square
  16. Type I : The Kardashev Scale
    by Greydon Square