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Kris Faust

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  1. Deluded Seas Of Diverge
    by Lost Harvest
  2. Relinquish The Light
    by Pull The Strings
  3. Lux Nigredo
    by Grave Gnosis
  4. The Raven
    by Setoml
  5. Paleopneumatic
    by Dissona
  6. Dissona
    by Dissona
  7. Dreadfully Distinct
    by Dissona
  8. Permafrost
    by Cenozoa
  9. Gale
    by Cenozoa
  10. Dark Energy
    by Cenozoa
  11. Vestígios
    by Vestígio
  12. Of Awakening
    by The Circle
  13. Cursed With Malevolence
    by Deliquesce
  14. Warhead Crucifix
    by Psionic Madness
    Face melting dissonant death/grind.This album is a monster! It deserves consideration for your AOTY lists.A must-listen!
  15. Rotting Dominion
    by Psionic Madness
  16. Mortality Salience
    by Psionic Madness
  17. Starpath
    by Dream Unending & Worm
  18. Worlds Beyond The Veil
    by Mithras
  19. Cast Through Time
    by Weaving Shadows
  20. Deathlike Illusion
    by Fall of Gnosis