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  1. Rift
    by Forming the Void
  2. Monument
    by DRUIDS
    Shivast Shivast
    The next stage in the evolution of an already mature band is something to behold. DRUIDS delivered something both original and yet comfortably familiar in Monument and I can't help but hit repeat. A well constructed wall of sound that fits comfortably between the ears and the soul. Do not start on this album, start at the beginning and make your way through the story. You will not be disappointed. Let Yeyin drive you to Shevast... it'll blow your mind.
  3. Children of the Haze
    by Dopelord
    Navigator Navigator
    There isn't a bad track on this album! The cover artwork by Pig Hands only further supports this epic masterpiece. BUY THIS ALBUM.
  4. Voice of the Void
    Ibex Eye Ibex Eye
    The Gods Must Be Crazy.. for letting a band like this leave Valhalla to hang out on Earth to release this absolute musical treasure. From the first track, Following the Voice, to the last, you will be swept away on a journey through the Cosmos on the back of giant Ibex.
  5. Relic
    by Forming the Void
  6. Spirit Compass
    by DRUIDS
    Yeyin Yeyin
    The first track blew my mind and sealed the deal. Yeyin is how it feels to get your first kiss, win the lottery and be the first person to step on the moon. You won't regret buying this album. You WILL regret not buying it.
  7. 4 Way Split (one track)
    by Dopelord
    Dopelord does it again. They open 4 Way Split with the exact track you were looking for when you set out to listen to music today. A tease for a follow up to Children of the Haze? Looking forward to hearing more!