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Kris (Seven Sins Of Metal)

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  2. Metal
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  1. Symposium
    by Thumos
  2. the time of peril
    by Glyph
  3. The End Is Near
    by Nothing Is Real
    Creating his music from a blank canvas into a masterful and thinking out-of-the-box masterful art of adding elements/influences such as (everything from) the grim and darkness of black metal to the heaviness and crushing of doom, the harsh and abrasive atmosphere of sludge, while adding touches of the slowest of funeral doom, -tint of jazz, psych, prog metal/70s spacy prog rock to his music.

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  4. The Forgotten Legacy - WGR108
    by Hrad
  5. Mile High Downer Rock
    by Burning Sister
  6. Whispering Walls
    by Ancient Spirit
  7. Passing Through The Valley Of the Sodomites
    by DeathSlaüghter
  8. Mind Over Metal 2: Volume 2
    by Cave Dweller Music
  9. Mind Over Metal 2: Volume 1
    by Cave Dweller Music
  10. An Ear of Grain in Silence Reaped
    by Telesterion
  11. The Course of Empire
    by (Thumos/spaceseer)
  12. Servile Mirrors of Animosity
    by Geisterfaust
  13. The Giant's Dream
    by warcoe
  14. The What It Is To Be
    by STARER
  15. Ghost
    by Scarecrow
  16. Scarecrow II
    by Scarecrow
  17. 18° Below the Horizon
    by STARER
  18. The Procession
    by Lycopolis
  19. Into the Hollow
    by Mothman and The Thunderbirds
    Infinite Ocean Infinite Ocean
    Taking the norm out of the stoner metal, but creating a beast, that woven this heavy rock foundation while adding elements of the heaviness of stoner metal, sludge metal aggression, amplified guitar-driven sound of progressive metal, while no two songs sound alike, many of the song titles reference about cryptids and conspiracy
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  20. Trancevoicer
    by Egor Lappo
    Ship 1426 Ship 1426
    A compelling ear to ear experiences of very well thought-through arrangements in the music and songs that deliver elements of a heavy dose of ambience, pop elements, progressive rock/metal and melodic hard rock that's woven into one cosmos while giving the listener a soothing harmonious/atmosphere (catchy/motivated) music
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