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  1. I'll Be Your Friend (Single)
    by Zander Schloss
  2. Quaker City Quiet Pills
    by The Dead Milkmen
  3. Hodge Alive! In Leicester
    by Carol Hodge
  4. Bullshit Detector One
    by Crass
  5. Bullshit Detector Three
    by Crass
  6. Bullshit Detector Two
    by Crass
  7. I Inside the Old Year Dying
    by PJ Harvey
  8. Contact Sheets
    by Nicky Wire
  9. Grandpa's Not A Racist (He Just Voted For One)
    by The Dead Milkmen
  10. Tidal Love Numbers
    by Andy Bell & Masal
  11. Keep Your Mouth Shut
    by OFF!
  12. Who Cares?
    by The Slinkees
  13. Pattern Recognition Remixed
    by GLOK
  14. Damned Rejects
    by Monty Oxymoron
  15. Music For Meditation
    by Monty Oxymoron
  16. A Plague On Us
    by Monty Oxymoron
  17. Mad Hatti's Reunion With Paradise
    by Monty Oxymoron
  18. Exuberant Improv in the Chapel of the Ascension
    by Monty Oxymoron
  19. Lack Of Knowledge - Grey
    by Crass
  20. Sleeping Dogs – Beware
    by Crass