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  1. Tranceportation Vol.2
    by Sonar w. David Torn
  2. Sun of Goldfinger (Congratulations to You)
    by David Torn / Tim Berne / Ches Smith
  3. Space is the Place: Music for the Film
    by Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Solar Arkestra
    by David Torn
    Very pleasant surprise. Well up to Torn's very high standards. More, please.
  5. Shutting Down Here
    by Jim O'Rourke
  6. Sounds From Phantom Islands
    by Andrew Pekler
    Great concept executed with considerable style. Pekler has put together an impressive body of work. Perfect escapist music during lockdown - one can imagine oneself marooned on one of these phantom islands of the imagination.

    If you enjoyed this - which I'm sure you will - check out Oyvind Torvund's wonderful 'The Exotica Album' on Hubro. It complements this album perfectly.
  7. Piano Bass Drums
    by The Necks
  8. Sex
    by The Necks
    Not the worst place to start with The Necks, if you're wondering about where to start.
  9. Steamroom 48
    by jim o'rourke
  10. Simian Angel
    by Oren Ambarchi
    It's brill. Well worth a few of your hard-earned quid, or whatever currency you're paid in. Something new each time you listen. While I'm here, I'd also highly recommend Ambarchi's 'Quixotism', which is an absolute masterpiece. In fact I'd argue that his work for Editions Mego is the high point (so far) of his career.
  11. Doppler.Shift
    by Yann Novak
    Terrific immersive listen. I didn't want either piece to end - I often feel this way with Yann Novak's music. I like the intention - calming - that has driven this release. These are such unsettling times. This guy has put loads of his excellent material out there effectively for free so a great chance to say thanks for that, and this, and look after yourself.
  12. Possible Worlds
    by Pip
    Great to see Sofa up on Bandcamp. Pip's Possible Worlds floats high above us mere mortals, on a journey maybe to one of Andrew Pekler's phantom islands.
  13. The Waves
    by Espen Sommer Eide
    Anyone who has Alog or Phonophani in their collection will not feel let down by this latest slab of inventive genius from Espen Sommer Eide. As ever it sounds like it's been beamed down from a distant galaxy and is as quirky, engaging and enveloping as ever. Highly recommended.
  14. Steamroom 47
    by jim o'rourke
    Jim O'Rourke goes all Glen Gould. It's an explosive combination. I love the unpredictablity of these Steamroom releases.
  15. Here I Sit, Knowing All Of This
    by Monkey Plot
    Some nice twists and turns and only a dullard would be bored by this album. Splash the cash and give it a try and play it loud.
  16. Avant Folk
    by Frode Haltli
  17. Kroksjø
    by Jo David Meyer Lysne & Mats Eilertsen
    There is no end to the marvel of music produced by this music label.
  18. Moon Relay
    by Moon Relay
    Song titles on a Moon Relay album! Whatever next? Yet more terrific stuff from the Relay and thanks to Hubro for making this available.
  19. Collab
    by Labfield
    Some great musicians chipping in on the long piece. Music that really evolves. Some great work by Ingar Zach. Would like to have seen this live.
  20. Fragmentarium
    by Erlend Apneseth
    Terrific album, very difficult to catergorise, well worth a listen (and purchase).