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  1. In Grief - An Eternity of Misery
    by Iron Bonehead Productions
  2. Celestial Woods
    by Raat
  3. Music Fighting Cancer Vol. I
    by Music Fighting Cancer
  4. Armament
    by Rană
  5. Hidden Horrors (EP)
    by EXCAVED
  6. Ex Mortis Gloria
    by Imperium
  7. SILURIAN - End of Ordovicia
    by Ordovician Records
  8. Undead in Bellingham
    by Cavurn
  9. Noctune
    by My Lonely Sea
  10. Cause of Death - Live Infection
    by Obituary
  11. Slowly We Rot - Live and Rotting
    by Obituary
  12. Tricennial of Blasphemy
    by Incantation
  13. Untitled I/II
    by Rejoice! The Light Has Come
  14. Aischrolatreia
    by Diabolic Oath
  15. Blood And Bonemeal
  16. ...From Dead Horizon to Dead Horizon
    by Obscene
  17. Into the Nothingness...
    by In Nothingness
  18. Sacred Vessel
    by Ancient Death
  19. Off The Leash
    by MONGREL
  20. Lanterns
    by Ethereal Shroud