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  1. II
    by Miscarriage
  2. Super Holy Monk Defeats Black Magic Motherfucker
    by Earthling Society
  3. Slow Breath
    by Suffocated Youth
  4. Slide
    by George Clanton
  5. A Little Space Music
    by Theta Wave Orchestra
  6. Vol.2 Nothingness
    by This Is Darkness
  7. Delta Harmonics - An introduction to Theta Wave Orchestra
    by Theta Wave Orchestra
  8. The Void (Ragana)
    by RAGANA
  9. You Take Nothing
    by RAGANA
  10. Texas Instruments Discography
    by American Thunder Band
  11. all watched over
    by ostraca
  12. Waiting for the Crash
    by ostraca
  13. enemy
    by ostraca
  14. The Death of Actiacus
    by Autarch
  15. Enshrined
    by Black Orchids
  16. An Autobiography
    by Old Gray
  17. In My Chest is the Sound of a Thousand Oceans
    by Soothsayer
  18. Stoner Rock
    by Bong
  19. Innsmouth
    by Obed Marsh
  20. Dunwich
    by Obed Marsh