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  1. It Looks Like Fun
    by Sorry Sweetheart
  2. It Ain't About The Music|Winning Is For Losers
    by Bedtime For Charlie
  3. Ironshore
    by Oni
  4. Invisible Monsters EP
    by The Arson Choir
  5. Intrepid
    by Carried Away
  6. Into The Raging Sea
    by Broadside
  7. Inner Universe
    by Words of Farewell
  8. Inguz
    by Normandie
  9. Infected Nations
    by Evile
  10. In The Shadow Of A Thousand Suns
    by Abigail Williams
  11. In The Key Of Sublimation
    by The Friday Prophets
  12. In The End
    by Nothington
  13. In Spite Of Me
    by Like Pacific
  14. Imposter Syndrome
    by Outline In Color
  15. Imperfection of Imaginary Number
    by Release Hallucination
  16. I'll See You When I See You
    by Light Years
  17. Ignorance & Surf Nicaragua
    by Sacred Reich
  18. I.V.
    by Loma Prieta
  19. Internal Eyes
    by Heartsounds
  20. Internal Atomics
    by Stray From The Path