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  1. Bloody Echoes of Mental Internal Screams...
    by Nihilistium
    Intense Ceaseless Heartache Intense Ceaseless Heartache
    It's "Transylvanian Hunger's" atmosphere and raw production married to Burzum's "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss"s mood and funeral doom. From the opening of the first track to the surprising climax, it is a harrowing(ly) beautiful ride through the darkest corners and immense anguish of a mind. The dirge-like structures and pace, every moment building something is just one of the best that depressive black metal has to offer.
  2. Damp Chill of Life
    by NONE
  3. Saprophytic Divinations
    by Helleborus
  4. Scary World
    by Night Club
  5. Eternal Daughter
    by KANGA
  6. Bestial Manifestations of Malevolence and Death [REMASTERED VINYL EDITION]
    by Oxygen Destroyer
  7. Requiem for Romance
    by Night Club
  8. Frothing to Betray Limbs
    by Lodge of the Empty Bed
  9. I
    by Bufihimat
  10. Decimation In H.D. (Extended Edition)
  11. Bitchcraft
    by Cheerleader
    Beauty Queen Beauty Queen
  12. Quantum Eraser
    by Secret Cutter
  13. Pony EP
    by Adrian H and The Wounds
    Pony Pony
    This has Adrian H and the Wounds go into a much, much darker place than before... I love it!
  14. Mechafetish
    by mangadrive
  15. Death Valley High
    by Zombina and the Skeletones
  16. Love from Hell
    by The Stompcrash
  17. A Color for Fiction
    by Invocation Array
  18. Endless Life EP
    by Katergon
  19. Mobius Loop
    by Mankind Is Obsolete
  20. Dead Twenty Sevens
    by Dead Twenty Sevens