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  2. Rock
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  1. Phantom Radio
    by Mark Lanegan Band
    I Am The Wolf I Am The Wolf
  2. The North Water (Original Score)
    by Tim Hecker
    Seasick Seasick
  3. Earth 2.23 Special Lower Frequency Mix
    by Earth
    Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine (Brett Netson Version) Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine (Brett Netson Version)
  4. Old World Wanderer
    by Across Tundras
  5. Western Sky Ride (2018 Remaster)
    by Across Tundras
  6. Sage
    by Across Tundras
    by Across Tundras
  8. Electric Relics
    by Across Tundras
  9. The Rugged Ranges of Curbs & Broken Minds
    by Across Tundras
  10. Selected Sonic Rituals ~ Volume 1
    by Across Tundras
  11. Unleash The Hoof's Revenge
    by Olson, Van Cleef, Williams
    Keep On Diggin' Keep On Diggin'
  12. Earthen Pyramid
    by T.G. Olson
  13. City Laments
    by Funeral Electrical
  14. Foothills Before the Mountain
    by T.G. Olson
  15. Buzzed on the Nothingness
    by Edward Outlander
  16. Owned and Operated By : Twang Trust LLC
    by T.G. Olson
  17. Dark Songs Of The Prairie
    Western Wind Western Wind
  18. Refractory Obdurate
    by Wovenhand
    Corsicana Clip Corsicana Clip
  19. The Laughing Stalk
    by Wovenhand
    King O King King O King
  20. Star Treatment
    by Wovenhand
    Crook and Flail Crook and Flail