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  2. Rock
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  1. Refractory Obdurate
    by Wovenhand
    Hiss Hiss
  2. The Laughing Stalk
    by Wovenhand
    King O King King O King
  3. Star Treatment
    by Wovenhand
    Crook and Flail Crook and Flail
  4. Woven Hand
    by Wovenhand
    Wooden Brother Wooden Brother
  5. Consider The Birds
    by Wovenhand
    Down In Yon Forest Down In Yon Forest
  6. Mosaic
    by Wovenhand
    Dirty Blue Dirty Blue
  7. Fab Tool feat David Eugene Edwards
    by Carpenter Brut
  8. Prayer Meeting
    by U.S. Christmas
    Under The Nails Under The Nails
  9. Eat The Low Dogs
    by U.S. Christmas
    Silent Tongue Silent Tongue
  10. Bad Heart Bull [PTA007]
    Gallows Humor Gallows Humor
  11. Run Thick In The Night
    by U.S. Christmas
    Maran Maran
  12. The Valley Path
    by U.S. Christmas
  13. The Center Of The Earth
    by Nate Hall
    Fallen Sparrow Fallen Sparrow
  14. Our Path To Trouble
    by Uktena
  15. Fear of Falling
    by Nate Hall/Poison Snake
    Heat and Sway Heat and Sway
  16. Electric Vacuum Roar
    by Nate Hall
    Dance Of The Prophet Dance Of The Prophet
  17. Scavenger Cult (all)
    by Brett Netson & Snakes
    Play On Play On
  18. Scavenger Cult (digi mix)
    by Brett Netson and SNAKES
    Sharpening Knives (digi mix) Sharpening Knives (digi mix)
  19. Morphius XX: Celebrating 20 Years of Breaking Records
    by Brett Netson and SNAKES
  20. Hypothermia (solstice 2016 dig EP)
    by Snakes
    Hypothermia Pt. 2 Hypothermia Pt. 2