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Kori Carothers

  1. Mission Viejo, California
  2. Folk
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  1. Legends
    by Sequential Dreams
    Mojave Midnight Mojave Midnight
  2. Red
    by Kori Linae Carothers and Kuutana
  3. Signature Synchronicity
    by fiona joy
    Once Upon Impossible Once Upon Impossible
  4. Lost Dimensions
    by Sequential Dreams
    Across Dimensions (Altocirrus, Kuutana) Across Dimensions (Altocirrus, Kuutana)
  5. Coffeehouse Playlist #1 (MQA Master 24/352.8)
    by David Elias ~ Independent Acoustic ~ MQA Pioneer
    The Old King (MQA) The Old King (MQA)
  6. With Evening Above
    by Jeff Pearce
    With Evening Above With Evening Above
    I have always enjoyed Jeff Pearce's quiet style on the Chapman Stick. Its an unusual instrument, but oh so expressive. Totally worth your time to add this to your collection.
  7. Tapping at the Edge of Paradise
    by Jerry Rockwell
    Tapping at the Edge of Paradise Tapping at the Edge of Paradise
    I have always loved the dulcimer, Jerry plays quite well... I highly recommend his music!

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  1. Signature Synchronicity
    by fiona joy