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  1. Anh Duy - 4Ü (feat. Kasane Teto)
    by Anh Duy, OneThoughtRemains
  2. Sleepless Nights
    by Crusher-P
  3. scenery
    by Snail's House
  4. Sazanka
    by 雄之助
  5. Boom Boom Boom (feat. GUMI & Ham)
    by KIRA
  6. Negai - Yesterday (Anh Remix)
    by Negai, Anh Duy
  7. Starduster
    by Cosmofrat
  8. Anh Duy - Regen
    by Anh Duy
  9. Ghosts of Artificial Trees/人造树的幽灵
    by EmpathP feat. Zhiyu Moke/徵羽 摩柯
    Robotic Sorrow/机器人的悲伤 Robotic Sorrow/机器人的悲伤
  10. Welcome To The Circus/Haywire
    by Circus-P
  11. トロイメライ
    by Bernis
  12. The Introduction (Deluxe Edition)
    by KIRA
    Selfish (feat. Ruby) [Remix] Selfish (feat. Ruby) [Remix]
  13. Singurarity - EP
    by Eiichi Watanabe
    Eclipse Eclipse
  14. Physics
    by ryuryu
  15. Rainbow Palace (feat. Hatsune Miku)
    by Jonathan Parecki
    hEART tHIEF (feat. Hatsune Miku) hEART tHIEF (feat. Hatsune Miku)
  16. Hello, Again - Single
    by Circus-P
  17. Vers La Lumière
    by Heartland Project
    Forward! Forward!
  18. Fiction
    by 雄之助/Yunosuke
  19. All I want (feat IA English)
    by ruby-p
  20. Scared of the Dark
    by MJQ x EmpathP feat. Hatsune Miku
  21. Envision
    by ASDR
    Nebulaholic (feat. Cyber Diva) Nebulaholic (feat. Cyber Diva)
  22. Beast
    by Circus-P
  23. Don't Come Back Here (feat. rachie)
    by KIRA
  24. Anh Duy - Ready (feat. Kasane Teto)
    by Anh Duy, OneThoughRemains
  25. Snö
    by Snail's House
  26. いつまでも (Itsu made mo)
    by Crusher-P
  27. ミラクルシュガーランド (feat. 桃箱)
    by Yunomi
  28. happy songs for lonely people
    by stream_error
    sometimes sometimes
  29. ELATE [Aura Qualic ft. Hatsune Miku]
    by Aura Qualic
    I am (NOT) Real I am (NOT) Real
  30. Circles (Piano Version)
    by KIRA ft. GUMI
  31. Piece of Art
    by KIRA ft. GUMI
  32. Black or White
    by 雄之助/Yunosuke
    Coppelia Coppelia
  33. Connection
    by EmpathP feat. D-D-R
  34. B.B.F.
    by KIRA, Heartbreaker ft. Hatsune Miku & Kagamine Rin
  35. Breathe
    by Circus-P
  36. missing pieces EP
    by stream_error
    small talk small talk
    by KIRA ft. GUMI
  38. Out Of Sight Out Of Mind
    by Crusher-P
  39. Again
    by Crusher-P
  40. Until The End Of The World
    by Bernis
  41. can't be waiting anymore?
    by 春野
  42. 715
    by Circus-P
    Fair Game Fair Game
  43. Starry Love feat. Miku Hatsune (Original Mix)
    by Yasuha.
  44. Burn Me Down
    by KIRA ft. GUMI
  45. Circles
    by KIRA ft. GUMI