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  1. Moon Landing Revival
    by Fotbal
  2. Lágry všem
    by Bahratal
  3. Rubato
    by Postižená oblast
  4. Theta Two - 47CD
    by Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere
  5. Enoch
    by Messa
  6. V/A - mono no aware
    by PAN
  7. Ostinata
    by Postižená oblast
  8. Lilith EP
    by Aluphobia
  9. Zahrada Krkavců
    by Smuteční Slavnost
  10. Black Origami
    by Jlin
  11. Paradise
    by ANOHNI
  12. Reassemblage
    by Visible Cloaks
  13. Arpeggiatorworld
    by Percival Pembroke
  14. Also
    by Lake Mary & Nathan Wheeler
  15. The Spoils
    by Rouilleux
  16. Belfry
    by Messa
  17. Blood Bitch
    by Jenny Hval
  18. Spells
    by Sister / Body
  19. FRKWYS Vol. 13: Sunergy
    by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanne Ciani
  20. Together, As One
    by Dinosaur
  21. RIP Chrysalis
    by Eartheater
  22. Floa
    by Mammal Hands
  23. Bem Inventory
    by Patricia
  24. ø
    by Ospalý Pohyb
    by Tesla Tapes
  26. Two Winters, Two Springs
    by Akpatok
  27. Life To Everything
    by Phronesis
  28. Fodder for the Callous
    by Cuscuta
  29. Ü (EP)
    by Ospalý Pohyb
  30. Reprint
    by Artificial Memory Trace
  31. Tabernanthe
    by Nadja (free dl)
  32. Demo 2015
    by Wrang
  33. Cień chmury nad ukrytym polem (CD, Instant Classic)
    by Stara Rzeka
  34. River
    by Daniel Bachman
  35. Dysnomia
    by Dawn of Midi
  36. Sítě / Obelisk of Light - split MC
    by Stoned To Death
  37. Wer im Grashaus sitzt...
    by Vintage Cucumber
  38. Zamknęły się oczy ziemi (Instant Classic)
    by Stara Rzeka
  39. The Day I Had Everything
    by Malija
  40. Circa
    by Dylan Ryan / Sand
  41. Locean - Traine
    by Tesla Tapes
  42. Krautgartner
    by Vintage Cucumber
  43. Silent_Night#1: bar do thos grol
    by Lee Chapman
  44. No Face
    by Body Boys
  45. Discreet Desires
    by Helena Hauff