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    by avians alight
    Old Ghosts Old Ghosts
    My best discovery in 2020. Great songs, great voice. Perfect!
  2. Compendium [Free Download]
    by In Gowan Ring
  3. Getaway
    by Abigail Lapell
    Gonna Be Leaving Gonna Be Leaving
    One of the very few records I bought without listening to the end... excellent! Reminiscent of Natalie Merchant, in voice and songwriting.
  4. Lost In Light
    by Sumie
    Frö Frö
    Just found this in my wishlist, no idea why I didn't buy it earlier! Very very beautiful songs.
  5. By the Light of the Dark Moon
    by Ayla Nereo
    Sweet Sailor Sweet Sailor
  6. The Atlas
    by Kristin Allen-Zito
    Boat Boat
  7. Aventine
    by Agnes Obel
    The Curse The Curse
    Found her Berlin live session on YT and was hooked.
  8. In Rounds
    by campdogzz
    Dry Heat Dry Heat
  9. Details
    by Lauren O'Connell
    Out of Focus Out of Focus
    Phantastic songwriting, "Shimmering Silver" and "Out of Focus" are my favourites.
  10. The Sea The Sea on Audiotree Live
    by The Sea The Sea
    Everybody Everybody
    "Everybody" ist just great, the other songs aren't bad either.
  11. Nathan & Eva
    by Nathan & Eva
    Allie Allie
    Very talented duo with lots of covers on youtube. This is their original material which is even better! "Allie" has hit potential!
  12. "On love.. and other murder mysteries"
    by Ailie Blunnie (AILIE.)
    How much do you love me? How much do you love me?
    Quite different from Ailie's newer work, but equally good!
  13. West to the Evening Sun
    by Ailie Blunnie (AILIE.)
    Row Out To Sea Row Out To Sea
    Beautiful. Complex. Haunting. A masterpiece!
  14. Down Like Silver
    by Down Like Silver
  15. Common Holly - Audiotree Live
    by Common Holly
    Devil's Doubt Devil's Doubt
    Perfect songwriting and a great performance! I like it much better than the studio version.
  16. Where Amanda is King
    by Hana Zara
    Laurel Laurel
    She's seen the monolith lit from within!
  17. Marked For Death
    by Emma Ruth Rundle
  18. Let Alone Sea
    by Arrica Rose & the ...'s
    If The World Won't Bend If The World Won't Bend
  19. Avalon
    by The Huntress and Holder of Hands
    My Kingdom My Kingdom
    Currently my favourite album. The skillfull off-key melodies remind me of Lisa Germano, another all time favourite.
  20. The Glassy Mountain
    by Sophie Ramsay
    Kent, Connecticut Kent, Connecticut