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  1. Singles. Period
    by The Ex
    Rara Rap Rara Rap
    The connection between the Ex track RaRa Rap and RaRa Radio, the online radiostation, is that they both refer to the Dutch organization RaRa (Revolutionaire Anti-Racistische Actie). RaRa was a Dutch group of activists whose actions were described by the Dutch national security service as 'political violent activism'. RaRa was active from 1984 to 1993, but the group was never officially disbanded.
  2. Bruno Bavota & Chantal Acda - A Closer Distance
    by Chantal Acda
    Lullaby for Loved Ones Lullaby for Loved Ones
    I gave myself a birthday present today, but unfortunately I have to wait until October 7th to be able to 'unwrap' this gift.😊 ♥

    It was worth the wait. I'm short of superlatives to describe how much I love this album! Thanks Bruno and Chantal. ♥
  3. A new score for Koyaanisqatsi by Chantal Acda & Eric Thielemans
    by Chantal Acda
    A-side A-side
    ...01-06-2022: I am so excited and curious about this project, that I can hardly wait for the release...

    ..24-06-2022: To be honest, I didn't know what to expect when I received the record, but it pleasantly surprised me! In a way it reminded me of the Philip Glass soundtrack and at the same time this new score totally has it's own enchanting beauty that made me completely forget about the Philip Glass score. This project is brilliant, fantastic, superb, grand, amazing, mesmerizing! Love it!! ♥
    by Chantal Acda
    Wolfmother Wolfmother
    If you ask me, Chantal Acda is the best that Belgium has to offer in terms of music. I can listen to this album over and over again without ever getting bored. ♥
  5. Polar Life (Japanese re-issue)
    by Sleepingdog
    Brilliant album! Especially the song "the sun sinks in the sea". That song really moves me on a deeper level. ♥
  6. Endless- Marble Sounds Remix
    by Chantal Acda
  7. Kill your darlings EP
    by Chantal Acda
    Simply a superb album with six mesmerizing and relaxing songs. I can't choose which song I like the most, they're all brilliant! ♥
  8. Imidiwaren (KMRU Remix)
    by Tinariwen
    Imidiwaren (KMRU Remix) Imidiwaren (KMRU Remix)
  9. Serge Gainsbourg & Michel Colombier - Le Pacha OST
    by Serge Gainsbourg & Michel Colombier
    Requiem Pour Un Con Requiem Pour Un Con
  10. Batman and Robin
    by The Sensational Guitars of Dan and Dale
    Batman Theme Batman Theme
  11. Environments 4: The Psychologically Ultimate Thunderstorm
    by Environments
    Gentle Rain in a Pine Forest Gentle Rain in a Pine Forest
  12. Myths 4 : Sinople Twilight in Catal Hüyük
    by Coil / Current 93 / Cheb Mami / Les Archives Sonores Sub Rosa
    Cheb Mami : Ouach Etsalini Cheb Mami : Ouach Etsalini
  13. Joy Division "Love Will Tear Us Apart"
    by Joy Division
    Love Will Tear Us Apart (Martin Hannett Sessions) Love Will Tear Us Apart (Martin Hannett Sessions)
  14. Aura
    by Hatis Noit
    Angelus Novus Angelus Novus
  15. Hum Hum
    by Dirtmusic
    Western Lands Western Lands
  16. Nūr
    by Dua Saleh
    Warm Pants Warm Pants
  17. Hek Sib Gau b/w Cowgirl
    by Geylang Electric Phin Band
  18. Street Musicians of Yogyakarta
    by Various Artists
    Hitam Manis Hitam Manis
  19. ECHO 00 DAITRO laisser vivre les squelettes LP repress
    by Daitro
    Comme Du Papier Comme Du Papier
  20. Fat Hans Gone Mad
    by Party Dozen
    Fat Hans Gone Mad Fat Hans Gone Mad