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  1. Risk of Rain: Engineer Edition
    by Chris Christodoulou
  2. Risk of Rain
    by Chris Christodoulou
  3. Risk of Rain 2: Early Access OST
    by Chris Christodoulou
    by Chris Christodoulou
    The Banality of Eternity The Banality of Eternity
    After hours of hardship, I was able to beat DEADBOLT on normal mode. The music was, at many times, what kept me going.

    Eternity is indeed banal. What is my favorite track in DEADBOLT is exemplary of the absolution of death - an almost depressing, yet powerful piece.

    The flame speaks to me.

    Another night...
  5. DEADBOLT: Cross-Section
    by Chris Christodoulou
    19_DBX9_SYNTHS_90 19_DBX9_SYNTHS_90
    Not too long ago, I didn't even know that this even existed; one of my friends, for whom I bought the DEADBOLT vinyl record, spoke of a card that he found in the sleeve containing a URL and key for Cross-Section. I checked my copy. Lo and behold.

    I think it's fantastic that Chris included Cross-Section as a standalone album. I'd recommend this only to extreme audiophiles or music theorists.

    As for me... replicating DEADBOLT on Octavia's mandachord in Warframe just got a whole lot easier.
  6. Madness: Project Nexus Soundtrack
    by Cheshyre
    3. Catastrophy 3. Catastrophy
    Cheshyre's music has been absolutely pivotal to the Madness Combat universe.

    It's easy to look back on the original Project Nexus flash game now, and not appreciate its design. It was light years ahead of its peers. It made the player feel like they were in the animations - by completely reimagining the classic formula of Madness Interactive.

    It's only fitting that Cheshyre himself would compose the soundtrack. "Catastrophe" is the title screen music - it's as powerful as it is nostalgic.
  7. Planetary Annihilation (Original Soundtrack)
    by Howard Mostrom
    Prepare for War Prepare for War
    Although I had higher hopes for Planetary Annihilation, there was, in all of its flaws, one great thing that stood out: The soundtrack.

    Preparing for war should be brief, yet urgent. An orchestral masterpiece ushers forth incomprehensibly powerful weapons of war.

    Since the battle has yet to begin, the piece doesn't resolve. Perhaps, because - conflict never truly ends...
  8. HAWKEN - Original Soundtrack
    by Paper Sound
    Origin Origin
    HAWKEN was a great game, but in the end, it was misdirection that killed it. However, I will never forget the impact that the music made on me.

    At one time, "Origin" was the only notable music in HAWKEN, during the pre-Ascension Update beta days of old. A golden era long passed, yet not forgotten.

    HAWKEN may be lost to time... but its spirit lives on with the veteran pilots who reminisce fondly of the glory days.