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  1. Deeper Mind Trip
    by Axiom9
  2. The Rehearsal Improvisations III
    by Axiom9
  3. Constant Banishment of Dreams
    by Axiom9
  4. The Space Bong Witch And The Acid Wizard
    by Axiom9
  5. Circle Of Novas
    by Axiom9
  6. The High Creator
    by Axiom9
  7. Galactic Powder
    by Axiom9
  8. The Rehearsal Improvisations I
    by Axiom9
  9. Technical Difficulties
    by Axiom9
  10. Cosmic Slime
    by Axiom9
  11. The Rehearsal Improvisations II
    by Axiom9
  12. Soylent Solstice
    by Liquidacid
  13. Unreleased Tracks (from The Box)
    by Sula Bassana
  14. Journey to Encaladus (Demo)
    by Doctors of Space
  15. Explorer
    by Seven Planets
  16. Spaceflowers
    by The Spacelords
  17. Destroy
    by blueblack
  18. Saint-Jean-de-Luz
    by Solar Corona
  19. The Outskirts Of Reality
    by Yuri Gagarin
  20. Forrás Sessions vol. 2
    by psychedelic source records