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  1. Abducted By Sharks
    by Abducted By Sharks
    Kitten Destroyer Kitten Destroyer
    Atmospheric Bitmetal... or something like it. This is a neat beginning to ABS's sound, with some fantastic plodding beats and riffs clad in an 8bit veneer. The slow pace gives the soundscapes plenty of room to breathe and the rhythms will have you bobbing your head in time as the cyberpunk swirls about you. I prefer the heavier tracks - "Kitten Destroyer", with a wonderful intro; "Ballad of Bjorn" and its almost industrial rhythm; and "Mini-boss", which slowly and steadily builds up the tension.
    by Abducted By Sharks
    Nuke It From Orbit Nuke It From Orbit
    The Sharks expound upon their signature sound, giving us more plodding bitmetal to soak in. It's hard for me to pick out any real favorites as the whole album sort of blurs together as a relentless onslaught of cool riffs. "Nuke It From Orbit" is my fave, though, with a section where they flip the switch and everything sort of gels and I'm powerless but to tap my toes. There's also the title track, which demonstrates that the Sharks will never lack for a great way to open an album. Fun stuff.
  3. Generic Dystopian City
    by Abducted By Sharks
    The Sun On The Spire The Sun On The Spire
    Generic Dystopian City marks a major shift in sound, a dark blend of dance, metal, and chiptune with neon-drenched streets. The production is lush, really selling the feeling of cityscapes. "Enter the Lion God" is an outstanding opener; I love the guitar / chiptune lead that locks in after the intro section. "The Sun On the Spire" is a fantastic climax, starting in the city slums before quickly rising to the bright peaks of the skyscrapers. I also like "Safe3house" and its sitar-like riff.
  4. Ronin
    by Abducted By Sharks
    Ronin Ronin
    Abducted By Sharks embrace their destiny, crafting industrial cyberpunk soundtracks. The bitmetal continues with a much stronger feeling of cinema, telling the Ronin's story from "Bodyguard" to failure to redemption through alteration. "Implanted" has a huge, industrial sound. The title track is a great 6/8 cyberpunk anthem. It's all industrial action after "Confrontation", but the plodding overkill of "Exoskeleton" is my favorite. I dig that clean guitar solo at the end of "Daemon", though.
  5. Siege Engine
    by Abducted By Sharks
    Siege Engine Siege Engine
    Another journey into ABS's cyberpunk universe. Siege Engine lacks the character drama of Ronin, feeling more like an urban assault, best shown in the title track and its machine-gun combined percussion and guitar and synths. Percussion tends toward more metallic sounds and you also get a few cool guitar solos. "Precog" is a nice intro, rolling into the creepy "Dead Channel", which along with "Net is Empty" nails the haunting atmosphere of the unknown. I also dig "520 AM" and its dark mystery.
  6. Mainframe Loves You
    by Abducted By Sharks
  7. Black Annex OST
    by Abducted By Sharks
    Optic Fibre Redial Optic Fibre Redial
    Black Annex has the soaring, dystopian feel of GDS with a stripped-down sound that is more in-line with Hammerhead. It's a wicked fun album; "Optic" is my favorite because of that killer drum rhythm and haunting electric soundscape. "Rains" has that industrial edge from their recent releases. "Considered"'s galloping 6/8 time is pushed into the background by the slow, stomping drum beat. I love the main, arpeggiated synth line from "Learning" and "Interloper"'s bitmetal riff and percussion work.
  8. Braindead
    by Abducted By Sharks
  9. XVI
    by Abducted By Sharks
  10. Retropolis
    by Absinth3
  11. Unstable
    by Absinth3
  12. Sunset Love
    by Absolute Valentine
    Where Angel Fly Where Angel Fly
    Sunset Love features some neat synth work locked into a series of solid dance beats. There's an aura of desperate energy that runs throughout, like the soundtrack of two lovers enjoying a night of passion that they know may be their last, exemplified in the title track. The piano is a nice, delicate touch to "Supernova Run". "Energy" and "Where Angel Fly" have the best beats of the LP, with the latter having some great hooks, sounding different from pretty much the rest of the album. Cool stuff.
  13. Sunset Love (Deluxe Edition)
    by Absolute Valentine
    She is a Dancer (Alpharisc Remix) She is a Dancer (Alpharisc Remix)
    Sunset Love features some neat synth work locked into a series of solid dance beats. There's an aura of desperate energy that runs throughout, like the soundtrack of two lovers enjoying a night of passion that they know may be their last. "Energy" and "Where Angel Fly" have the best beats of the original LP, with the latter having great hooks, sounding pretty different from the rest of the album. The deluxe edition adds two remixes, giving "Sunset" and "Dancer" both more air time and new life.
  14. American Nightmares
    by Absolute Valentine
    American Nightmares American Nightmares
    American Nightmares is an unusual mixture of horror and romance that carries the nervous intensity of Absolute Valentine's debut. Many of the tracks have more of a skit feeling due to their length, but the title track lets you bask in AV's soundscapes, evoking the horror films that would have your lover gripping your hand in terror. "Goth A.M." is an interesting experiment with a slow, hip-hop beat. "Razorblade Kisses" has an opening full of dark humor before settling into a solid dance beat.
  15. Police Heartbreaker
    by Absolute Valentine
  16. DNA War feat Billy Mays Band
    by Absolute Valentine
  17. Omega
    by Absolute Valentine
  18. Testarossa
    Introduction Introduction
    Action Jackson's sound is composed of chill, midtempo beats that suggest the hustle and bustle of the urban tropics. The throaty roar of the vehicle (I assume the Testarossa) in "Introduction" is as exciting as this album gets. The actual song boasting its name is more dreamy than anything. "Miami is For You" has a very different draw, with the relaxing atmosphere juxtaposed against police sirens and the intonations of processed vocals, implying that Miami is a very different style of paradise.
  19. Vice
    Takeover Takeover
    Action continues to mine the tropical tension of his debut, the title suggesting the now-iconic Miami Vice. The production values are a little higher than on Testarossa, paving the way for some pretty good backdrops for action in Miami. Jackson also demonstrates a softer side with "Inside", but the sound of the rolling surf suggests a beachfront locale. "Takeover" has a funky beat and loves those huge orchestra stingers. "Nights" is the perfect backdrop for a night out in Miami. A fun little EP.
  20. Miami System - EP
    by Action Jackson
    Coke, Palms and Money Coke, Palms and Money
    Jackson's followup to Vice continues his exploration of Miami Minimalism, with a few new sights. I really dig "Coke, Palms and Money", as of now the darkest Jackson has ever gotten, the ideal soundtrack for a slow cruise through the seedier side of the city. The rest is practically Made For TV, exactly Action's specialty, with the title track - "Miami System" - betraying the slightest traces of funk. "Start" opens with something like a simple VHS theme before settling into hazy midtempo outrun.