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  1. Homestuck Vol. 1-4 (with Midnight Crew: Drawing Dead)
    by Homestuck
  2. Homestuck Vol. 5-6 (with The Felt)
    by Homestuck
  3. Homestuck Vol. 7-8 (with Cherubim)
    by Homestuck
  4. Homestuck Vol. 9-10 (with [S] Collide. and Act 7)
    by Homestuck
  5. Homestuck - Strife!
    by TenseiMusic
  6. coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A & B
    by Homestuck
  7. Alterniabound (with Alternia)
    by Homestuck
  8. Valdis Story: Abyssal City - Dark Side of the Abyss
    by Zack Parrish
  9. Gravity Ghost Soundtrack
    by Ben Prunty
  10. FTL
    by Ben Prunty
  11. FTL: Advanced Edition Soundtrack
    by Ben Prunty
  12. Into the Breach Soundtrack
    by Ben Prunty
  13. Chromatic T-Rex
    by Ben Prunty
  14. Cipher: the Score for Banking on Bitcoin
    by Ben Prunty
  15. Cave of Blinking Lights
    by Brother Android
  16. Wargroove
    by Phonetic Hero
  18. Something Whiskered This Way Comes
    by Cat Temper
  19. Shovel Knight The Definitive Soundtrack
    by Jake Kaufman
  20. Byte Driver Original Soundtrack
    by Rainbow Kitten