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  1. Sada / official CD digifile
    by Ángel Ontalva & VESPERO
  2. Experiments in the Subconscious
    by Øresund Space Collective
  3. Presagios / official CD
    by October Equus
  4. Propeller (album)
    by GRICE
  5. Reflection In A Moebius Ring Mirror - 83CD
    by Eclectic Maybe Band
  6. ØSC meets BMC - Freak Out In The Fjord
    by Øresund Space Collective
  7. Live in Tampere 2018
    by Øresund Space Collective
  8. Fractal Guitar
    by Stephan Thelen
  9. Live at Moods
    by Sonar
  10. Milano
    by Sparkle in Grey
  11. Das Rad - 75CD
    by Das Rad
  12. Navels Falling into a Living Origami
    by Daal
  13. Decalogue of Darkness
    by Daal
  14. Topos
    by Methexis (a musical project by Nikitas Kissonas)
  15. Sea Orm Liventure / official CD digipack
    by Ángel Ontalva & VESPERO
  16. Live in Berlin 2018
    by Øresund Space Collective
  17. Renegades
    by Thunkfish
  18. Carta Marina / official CD digifile
    by Ángel Ontalva & VESPERO
  19. Chatoyant Breath
    by Øresund Space Collective
  20. Hadal Sherpa
    by Hadal Sherpa
  21. The Depths of Winter
    by Tiger Moth Tales
  22. Cocoon
    by Tiger Moth Tales
  23. Hallucinations inside the Oracle
    by Øresund Space Collective
  24. Hegaiamas:a song for freedom
    by Need
  25. ØSC/Maat Lander Split LP
    by Øresund Space Collective
  26. Vibes Addiction
  27. Memoirs in Monochrome (2017)
    by Ysma
  28. Tidal Wave
    by Hypertonus
  29. Five Mothers
    by Kshettra
  30. Semaphora
    by Buddha Sentenza
  31. Kayos
    by Flash the Readies
  32. Palace of Waiting / official CD​ digipack
    by OBO
  33. Misophonia
    by electric orange
  34. Crossing the Divide
    by The Benzene Ring
  35. West, Space and Love II
    by West, Space and Love
  36. Redwings Nest
    by SOT
  37. Cool Spring
    by David Rothenberg, Bernhard Wöstheinrich, Jay Nicholas
  38. Permutations
    by The Mercury Tree
  39. Midori
    by Stick Men+ featuring David Cross
  40. Neanderthal Nein
    by Meandering Mine
  41. Lost
    by Thoughts Factory
  42. Corrosion
    by Below A Silent Sky
  43. Dull Parade
  44. Limbosis
    by Abstrakt
  45. Panspermia
    by Golgi Complex