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  1. Destination Unknown
    by Kevin J. Cope
  2. Interspheres
    by Duo Montagnard
    Kevin Cope: Origin Unknown - A Pole Was Journeying Kevin Cope: Origin Unknown - A Pole Was Journeying
    Sliiiiiightly biased but "Origin Unknown" is one of my favorite compositions and I'm honored to have it recorded by such great artists. The piece tells the journey of my great grandmother coming to the US from Poland. Some of my most beautiful writing on display here with some of my favorite transitions ever. I'm very proud of my work here as well as Duo Montagnard's performance!
  3. Inmazes
    by VOLA
    Owls Owls
    Not a single filler track. Every song a gem worthy of awards. This has become my favorite album even above many of my long time favorites. Heavy, grooving, well written to the point that every song is a journey as you don't expect. Just brilliant. I can't wait to hear more from Vola in the future.
  4. Now We Sleep
    by Artificial Language
    The Back of My Mind The Back of My Mind
    On release day I can't even wait until the first track is over to type this review. I'm already blown away! The riffs are *@*#ing amazing, the lyrics are killer as are the vocals, the keys are ethereal, and the drumming and bass are on point. I'm blown away and even more in love with this band now.
  5. Fables of the Sleepless Empire
    by Unexpect
    Unfed Pendulum Unfed Pendulum
    A truly odd trek through a wide range of emotions and musical ideas, but at the same time exquisitely constructed in its oddness. Amongst its weaponry are such elements as fear, surprise, a ruthless efficiency...(jk). Seriously though, a brilliant and crazy work that makes me incredibly sad that I discovered it after the band has already separated. This feels like a band that has just honed in on its artistry and then (poof) they're gone....
  6. All Is As All Should Be
    by The Dear Hunter
  7. Stimpy Lockjaw
    by Stimpy Lockjaw
    Robo Robo
    One of the greatest musical adventures that I've ever heard. It's full of contemporary classical craziness, jazz, metal, and lots of other weird influences. This is easily one of the most progressive and Earth shattering prog albums around. It's not possible for me to more highly recommend an artist. Buy this!!
  8. The Observer
    by Artificial Language
    Fortune Teller Fortune Teller
    A beautiful combination of Baroque and Classical era influences mixed with all of the beauty of a modern metal band. Fantastic playing all around combined with a singer with a smooth voice. I'm loving this more every time I listen to it.
  9. The Infernal Machine
    by Earth's Yellow Sun
    Part IV - Bastion Part IV - Bastion
    A masterful progressive concept work that I can only wish was much much longer. No other complaints, only a plethora of compliments: great instrumentation, superb compositional arch, fantastic playing, amazing melodies and grooves. One of my favorite albums. I want more!
  10. Cuppa ?
    by Iroh
    Wisdom Wisdom
    A fantastic display of chops, groove, and prog music knowledge. A joy to listen to and a great addition to the prog discography.
  11. Descender
    by Avandra
    Beyond the Threshold: Part 1 – Helios Awakens Beyond the Threshold: Part 1 – Helios Awakens
    This is a great album to kick back and listen to as you have a beer (beer sucks, so let's say a whiskey). Some great riffs on here and the smooth vocals are a win in my book.
  12. Newborn Mind (Instrumental Edition)
    by Napoleon
    Newborn Mind (Instrumental) Newborn Mind (Instrumental)
    Heavy, aggressive, djenty, and also somehow lush and beautiful. A great musical achievement and it's exhilarating to just sit and listen.
  13. Arch Echo
    by Arch Echo
    Afterburger Afterburger
    One of the most well crafted new prog metal albums around. Beautiful writing, great grooves, heavy, smooth, melodic, and, of course, fantastic playing!
    by Visenya
  15. meander
    by Duo Montagnard
  16. Sentience
    by Von Citizen
  17. Everything That Is You
    by Thrailkill
    Aware Aware
    An intricately written nuanced shred-fest. Greatly enjoyable with head-banging moments as well as more subtle moments throughout. Gratefully not overly reliant on power chords! Jazz and classical in metal is a necessity in my mind.
  18. The BEE EP
    by Overcoming Inertia
  19. Meridian
    by The Helix Nebula
    Convalescence Convalescence
    Simply one of the best and heaviest prog metal albums that I've ever heard. The only problem with "Meridian" is that it is far too short...
  20. Ectoplasm
    by Dal Av
  21. Monsters
    by VOLA
    I Am Not Here I Am Not Here
    An amazing band that has a little of everything: Great grooves, great riffs (guitar and bass), and great melodies. It's easy to see them going very far in this genre. Easily my favorite band right now.
  22. Yet Further
    by Sioum
  23. Saturna
    by Andre Casagrande
  24. Ascension (Instrumental)
    by Petroglyphs
  25. Dodecaedro
    by Glass Mind
    Fantastic and well written instrumental metal. I always say that if you are an instrumental band the music has to be particularly interesting because a vocalist isn't propping up the whole enterprise. Let's face it humans are drawn toward the human voice. This band is fantastic.
  26. Lunaria
    by Danimal Cannon
    Axis Axis
    Recommendation to video game companies: Call up Danimal Cannon and hire him to score your game. It will sell better than with a terribly written orchestral score by some schmuck with limited compositional talent.
  27. Prologue
    by Earth's Yellow Sun
    Sahgol Sahgol
    Crazy heavy, fantastic grooves, beautiful melodies, and just an all around fantastic band. I can't wait to hear more!
  28. Call of the Void
    by Yugen
  29. Act III: The Residual Spirit
    by Silence the Aria
  30. Narcopaloma
    Discovery Discovery
    A crazy but short adventure into avante-garde rock/metal. A joy to experience. Far too short! Write some more nutty music!
  31. Mountain Goat Universe
    by Monroe Vallejo
  32. Fortnight To Fall
    by Olli Heino
    Fortnight To Fall Fortnight To Fall
    A beautifully constructed masterpiece. Most instrumental progressive metal comes across as competent but this is truly artful. It's heavy when appropriate, builds skillfully to climactic peaks, and allows you to settle in to enjoy some relaxing moments here and there. Simply genius.
  33. The Mantle
    by The Mantle
  34. Resurrecting Id
    by Resurrecting Id
    Awake Awake
    If you can make an instrument work in metal then do it! Saxophone works exceptionally well here thanks to some great compositions. Definitely worth a shot for any fan of metal.
  35. The Egoist
    by John Silkie
    Great guitar playing and a great listen. I see a bright future for John Silkie.
  36. Grinding Gears
    by Rabea Massaad
  37. Upgrade
    by Alpha Brutal
    Outage Outage
    It's like a mix of silly pop, 8-bit video game music, and progressive metal. Progressive music the way it should be: Adventurous and mixing styles.
  38. Nieśmiertelny.
    Modlitwa Ojca cz.1 Modlitwa Ojca cz.1
    A great journey with fantastic vocals. Heavy but well written. A gem.
  39. Pathos
    by Priska
  40. Remnants
    by Semmelweis Reflex
    Subject 028 Subject 028
    A great mix of metal, fantastic nuanced instrumental touches (vibes in the background at one point), and musical theatre over-the-topness. A great and successful experiment in progressive metal.
  41. Ascendancy (Instrumental)
    by KADINJA
    Stone Of Mourning (Instrumental) Stone Of Mourning (Instrumental)
    As I'm not a fan of screaming vocals generally I'm grateful for the offering of an instrumental version of this fantastically heavy album!! It's musical competent all on it's own and doesn't even need vocals.
  42. Vipassana EP
    by Itinerant
  43. The End Of Everything
    by Plini
  44. You Are The Universe
    by For Giants
  45. Nihei EP
    by Dustin Reid
    Graviton Beam Emitter Graviton Beam Emitter
    Fantastic music that is fantastically short. Write more music!