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Kjartan Andersen

  1. Bergen, Norway
  2. Blues
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  1. Long Island City
    by Mary Spender
  2. Meet Me in Croatia
    by Mary Spender
  3. Opposite (Single)
    by Mary Spender
  4. Wait For Me
    by Mary Spender
  5. Faux Americana
    by Mary Spender
  6. A Little Bit of Madness (Rachel K Collier Remix)
    by Mary Spender
  7. Run Your Mouth
    by Mary Spender
  8. Primrose
    by Mary Spender
  9. Only One (Single)
    by Mary Spender
  10. A Little Bit of Madness (Single)
    by Mary Spender
  11. When Words Fail
    by Mary Spender
  12. I Will Be Your Christmas
    by Mary Spender
  13. Live in Bristol
    by Mary Spender
  14. The Taking Shape EP
    by Mary Spender
  15. A Piece for Mind & Mirror
    by Skuggsjá
  16. LIFA
    by Heilung
    by EDEN (Australian Band)
  18. Kawehi Covers
    by Kawehi
  19. Road Into The Unknown
    by Mariusz Goli
  20. Silas and Friends | vi | part iii (waag_rel103)
    by weareallghosts
  21. Hang + Violin (download by donation)
    by Daniel Waples & Flavio Lopez
  22. Crystal Waves (download by donation)
    by Daniel Waples & Alexei Levin - DA Harmonics
  23. Banyan
    by Daniel Waples & James Winstanley - The Hang Drum Project
  24. Flow
    by James Winstanley & Daniel Waples
    by Kawehi
    by Dr. Kucho!
  27. 'Lisn (Download by donation)
    by Daniel Waples & Friends
    Petit Son Petit Son
    Even though it's a young instrument it resonates with the audience in a very deep way. Almost in some sort of ancient tribal way. And when speaking of hang-music Daniel Waples is one of the best. Highly recommend his music.
  28. Light as a Feather
    by Storia and Peter Wickstrom (Live)