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  1. Anthem (Original Soundtrack)
    by Sarah Schachner
    Legion of Dawn Legion of Dawn
    While the game leaves much to be desired, and the audio mixing in the game is just plain bad, the actual soundtrack is very good and enjoyable to listen. The only critique I have for it is that it's mostly composed of music that would work better in a feature film rather than a computer game. In action-based video games the sudden twists and turns are almost a requirement for the music but here Anthem's OST takes its time to do build-ups. It has few cheap emotional tricks but nothing severe.
  2. FLATLINE: How the Amiga Languished
    by Ahoy
  3. Take Care Of Yourself
  4. Thriller (Single)
    by Scandroid
  5. Psybrid Theory
    by RosalinaSama & Triple-Q
  6. Dreams of Neo-Tokyo
    by Scandroid
    Neo-Tokyo (Dance With The Dead Remix) Neo-Tokyo (Dance With The Dead Remix)
  7. 名称未設定アルバム (unknown album)
    by Makou
  8. The Uncanny Valley
  9. 03 Arkives [Remaster]
    by Makou
    Hamsin Hamsin
  10. Roadgame
    by Kavinsky
  11. Teddy Boy EP
    by Kavinsky
  12. Nightcall EP
    by Kavinsky
  13. 1986 EP
    by Kavinsky
  14. Nitheren
    by Zweihänder
  15. Dangerous Days
  16. TERROR 404
  17. Night Driving Avenger EP
    by Perturbator
  18. I Am The Night
    by Perturbator
  19. The Outer Side of Circulation
    by MAKOU
  20. triptych
    by MAKOU