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  1. 4 Track E.P.
    by Cotärd
    This ep is crusty to the max. getting my tragedy on.
  2. More Than A Nightmare
    by Extensive Slaughter
    Oldschool and heavy. Butt blistering.
  3. 'A'ā Will Never Say That It Has Had Enough
    by Kū
  4. we men
    by Let Go
    wild rhythms wild rhythms
    Refreshing. Unique. Blistering and heartfelt. Stoked to have stumbled upon this in my feed. Looking forward to more!
  5. An Ever Changing View
    by Matthew Halsall
  6. Galgendood
    by GATEWAY
  7. Eye of Water
    by Tideless
    Highly anticipated. Track one latitude longitude describes somewhere near the Nebraska/Kansas border… this song likely being the most exciting aspect of that geography. Can’t wait for the CDs!
  8. Post-American
    by MSPAINT
  9. Call of the Knife LP
    by Chain Whip
  10. BARDO
    by Rabbit
  11. Halo Of Flies
    by Rabbit
    I hope a lot of people are F’ing with this band. Top tier next level hardcore fusion.
  13. Falser Truths
    by Corker
    Lice Lice
    Corker? I hardly know ‘er! This shit rules.
  14. Details of War
    by Kong Kong
    New kong. Forever!
  15. The Bigotry of Purpose
    by Grave Pilgrim
    A breath of fresh air and finally a pre order for US fans at home that is actually attainable! Can’t wait
  16. Voices of Bishara
    by Tom Skinner
  17. Future Torn
    Ohio represent
  18. The Derivative Sounds Of... Or... A Dog Always Returns To Its Vomit
    by Alien Nosejob
  19. IC-01 Hanoi
    by Unknown Mortal Orchestra
    Best UMO album hands down.
  20. Pahu O Ka Ua
    by Kū