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  1. some tracks i found on a hard drive
    by John Donovan
  2. Away From You
    by Earl "Earl" Earl [MINNESOTA]
  3. Audioclaws
    by Old Scene Choir [KANSAS]
  4. Meadow Children
    by Meadow Children [NEW MEXICO]
  5. Toshinaga
    by Toshinaga [RHODE ISLAND]
  6. Ripwave
    by Quinoa Phoenix [CALIFORNIA]
    by but its to hard [WASHINGTON]
  8. Under The Ground
    by Cradle Flames [SOUTH DAKOTA]
  9. Common Earnest Song Titles Revisited
    by Noun The and Noun The [SOUTH CAROLINA]
  10. Stormy Weather
    by The Happy Shrubs [ARIZONA]
  11. Fine Line
    by Pioneer School [MISSISSIPPI]
  12. Takeouts
    by **(((((** [WEST VIRGINIA]
  13. Sonata no. 1
    by Ricardo Mutto [NEW YORK]
  14. Aging Hipsters Are People, Too
    by The Betsy Four [PENNSYLVANIA]
  15. Aurel Vlaicu
    by Sloth Strike [IDAHO]
  16. We Are The Vultures Of Vultureland
    by The Vultures Of Vultureland [MARYLAND]
  17. First Tries
    by Donnie Jay [VERMONT]
  18. Shipp
    by Cedar Villager [NORTH DAKOTA]
  19. All Is Over
    by Wax Weather [OHIO]
  20. Crazy Days
    by Emerald Pilgrim [NEBRASKA]
  21. Wax Words
    by Jim Reedy [MONTANA]
  22. Songs That Tell You What To Do
    by Penn and The Playbooks [GEORGIA]
  23. Common Earnest Song Titles
    by The Noun And The Noun [OKLAHOMA]
  24. Artists Grow East
    by Paul & Juliana [NORTH CAROLINA]
  25. Viaduct
    by Millau Millau [MICHIGAN]
  26. One Word Limit
    by Bahasa [KENTUCKY]
  27. All Of The Walls
    by Whit Waltman [NEW JERSEY]
  28. Hero Prophet
    by Anti Futurist [LOUISIANA]
  29. If You Are Watching Me
    by Larrian Cole [OREGON]
  30. All-Weekend Wailer
    by The Pelican Twins [MAINE]
  31. Go, Goliath
    by Yawn Yawnovan [INDIANA]
  32. Original Songs From The Production: "Dracula - The Great Unknown"
    by The Absolutely Real Theater Group [ARKANSAS]
  33. I Know You
    by Luke and the Upgraded Afterlives [COLORADO]
  34. Seasick Baby
    by Stone Flags [VIRGINIA]
  35. Aliens At Easter Island
    by Markus Markus [NEVADA]
  36. Practice Makes Perfect
    by The Gold Fools [NEW HAMPSHIRE]
  37. Today Is The Pain
    by Mystery Crown [TEXAS]
  38. How You Pray
    by Dukes Of Cairo [HAWAII]
  39. Guitar Solos
    by Trick Nixon [FLORIDA]
  40. Nature And Longing And Existential Questions
  41. Two Verse Limit
    by Robbie Samson & The Existential Oils [MASSACHUSETTS]
  42. Impressionator
    by Impressionator [CONNECTICUT]
  43. Shock Value
    by Pilot Pilot [DELAWARE]
  44. Ends
    by Left-Hand Flower [WYOMING]
  45. Pilgrim, Pilgrim
    by Black Fawn [UTAH]