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  1. X - The Tenth Anniversary (Live 2019)
    by Kaine
  2. Wheels at Dusk
    by Sacred Leather
  3. Haunt/Fortress Split
    by Haunt
  4. Haunt/Seven Sisters Split
    by Haunt
  5. Prisoner of the Night
    by Raptore
  6. Sonic Bullet
  7. Full Power
    by High Spirits
  8. Gododdin
    by Midnight Force
  9. Mamorlis
    by Mamorlis
  10. Absolute Power
    by Wraith
  11. Rock Machine
    by Nightrider
  12. ...Unto the Breach
    by Sellsword
  13. Second To None
    by Dream Tröll
  14. War At The Edge of Time
    by Arcane Tyrant
  15. Antioch IV: Land of No Kings
    by Antioch
  16. Pyramid of Terror
    by Mirror
  17. Mechanic Tyrants (Demo)
    by Torpëdo
  18. Fallen Idols
    by LORD
  19. The End
    by Children of the Reptile
  20. Istor
    by Ty Morn
  21. Supersonic Punch
    by HORNADO
  22. Mosaic Vision
    by Haunt
  23. 2018 Demo
    by Throne Of Iron
  24. Embrace the Dark- Seek the Light
    by Syrinx
  25. If Icarus Could Fly
    by Haunt
  26. Fallout Rituals
    by Seax
  27. If Icarus Could Fly
    by Haunt
  28. Warrior Path
    by Warrior Path
  29. Turbo City
    by Stunner
  30. In The Land of Vandor
    by Vandor
  31. A Crisis of Faith Live
    by Kaine
  32. Masquerade
    by Powergame
  33. The P.I.D. files
    by Burning
  34. Ültra Raptör
    by Ultra Raptor
  35. High Risk
    by Blade Killer
  36. Vicious Circle
    by Sabateur
  37. The Nekromant Lives
    by Nekromant
  38. II Dark Season
    by Vanik
  39. Tales of Splendor and Sorrow
  40. Texas Metal Outlaws
  41. Burst Into Flame
    by Haunt
  42. Harlot's Grip
    by Harlot's Grip
  43. You Bastard!
    by Professor Black
  44. Rolling Thunder
    by ATTILA
  45. Blade Killer
    by Blade Killer