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  1. PLANET SUBLIME ~ 2021 solo album
    by Phil Judd
  2. G.O.D: Grt Orcl Dylctz (Album)
    by Professor Griff & G.O.D
    God Bless America God Bless America
    An overdue precis of Griff's work encompassing everything apart from "And the Word Became Flesh". His first four solo albums are represented, along with metal offshoots Confrontation Camp and 7th Octave and some PE tracks that feature PG prominently. The album climaxes with the fantastic Golden Age-esque "Panther Power". There were notable omissions ("It's a Rap Thing", "Common Thread", "The Verdict" and "Blackdraft") and Griff's spoken word poetry doesn't feature...maybe on Volume II?
  3. Inner G Code (Album)
    by Professor Griff
    In-Formation In-Formation
    This is what hip-hop used to be before its inevitable commercialisation and general embrace of materialism and nihilism - angry, hard-hitting, funky and sociopolitically aware. Multi-talented Griff updates the 90s conscious rap formula (he was after all a pioneer of that formula) for the BLM/NWO era and knocks it out of the park. Excellent.
  4. De Anima
    by Plike
  5. Berghain 09
    by Various Artists
  6. Burke EP
  7. SISTER: Volume One
    by SISTER
  8. FLIGHTLESS BIRD ~ 2019 solo album
    by PHIL JUDD
  9. Speaking of Words
    by Maria Slovakova
    BerryNess BerryNess
    The debut 'mini album' from the Slovak multi-media artist. A talented and varied group of UK-based musicians provide minimalist, mostly electronic backdrops to accompany Ms. Slovakova's half-whispered poetic meditations on love, relationships, jealousy and identity. "BerryNess" features some beautiful cello surrounded by a shifting, echoing electronic soundscape. A very short but very sweet collection...
  10. Sticks
    by Чорма
    A deliciously unsettling slice of dark ambient from the St. Petersburg-based dungeon synthers, inspired by a Karl Edward Wagner story that has been held up as a literary antecedent to "The Blair Witch Project". Listening to this, it's easy to imagine Colin Leverett wandering through the woods gazing in awe at the sinister "meticulously constructed stick lattices spread through a wilderness" before his horrifying encounter with an undead sorcerer in the basement of a derelict farmhouse...
    by Głód
    Kala-Makara Kala-Makara
    Distant, dreamlike and otherworldly synth drones punctuated with occasional standing bell chimes and feline vocalisations (from the composer's cat, Dita, apparently!), perhaps inspired by Makara, the sea-creature from Hindu mythology. Dita returns for the short second piece, which is underpinned by a sustained bell note.
    by Bryce Miller
    Stillness Stillness
    A very hypnotic succession of instrumental synth pieces from this accomplished composer and sound designer that will draw you into an unnerving urban night-time landscape. Often disquieting, sometimes relaxing and occasionally thrilling...but at all times nothing less than darkly beautiful...
  13. Night Of The Living Dead (Original Motion Picture Rescore)
    by OGRE and Dallas Campbell
    Graveside Graveside
    It isn't hard to imagine this as the soundtrack to "Night of the Living Dead" in a parallel universe where the classic film was made in early eighties Italy. The metronomic kick drum throbbing away at the start of "Opening Credits" and that eerie vocal choir synth line awakens the same frisson as when listening to Frizzi's "Zombi 2" main theme. A wonderful homage to retro Italo-horror soundtracks which also functions very effectively as an alternative score for the film. Excellent...
  14. Assault Of The Living Dead OST (1982)
    by Gavino Morretti
    Flight And Fight Flight And Fight
    A pitch-perfect recreation of that classic Italo-horror synth score sound. It must take extraordinary discipline to ignore 30+ years of musical developments to manufacture such a beautifully immaculate forgery! If there are discos in Hell, "Flight and Fight" must surely be a popular floor-filler. Can someone make this film now please?
  15. PLAY IT STRANGE ~ 2014 solo album
    by PHIL JUDD
    Baby & the Bathwater Baby & the Bathwater
    Another fascinating solo release from the NZ veteran and co-founder of a wider musical dynasty that has endured. In excellent form, he pushes boundaries as always but simultaneously achieves considerable accessibility if you allow his compositions to worm their way in. Highlights: partial Split Enz reunion "Baby & The Bathwater" is a beautiful melancholy creation, the title track, catchy tunes "Sense of Humour" and "Salamander Man" while "Castle of Regret" has some lovely guitar work.