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Kirk French

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  1. 21st Century Power Pop Riot
    by The Methadones
  2. Ex-Girl - Kero Kero Kero (1999 Japanese Girl Punk) SR11
    by Ex-Girl
  3. Diesel
    by AndySocial and The Antidotes
  4. The Residents - Loss Of The Lizard Lady
    by The Residents
  5. Subjects
    by Chesty Vulva
  6. Scum and Villainy
    by Landspeeder
  7. Hard Merchandise/This Post Sucks
    by Landspeeder
  8. Early Daze
    by The Sheckies
  9. The Radio Buzzkills/The Hypnic Jerks
    by The Radio Buzzkills
  10. Psychogenic Atrophy
    by Dimesland
  11. Institutional Gears
    by Dimesland
  12. Ten songs, Ten years
    by the Scutches
  13. FULLOGRAPHY -Disc B (2 of 2)
    by FULL
  14. FULLOGRAPHY -Disc A (1 of 2)
    by FULL
  15. Are Boring And Unoriginal
    by The Labor Pains
  16. The Residents - Snakey Wake (Music To Honor Snakefinger 1987) SR09
    by The Residents
  17. Timing
    by The Addisons
  18. Go On A Diet Again
    by The Sheckies
  19. Ogopogo Punk
    by The Evaporators
  20. Strike The Bottom Red
    by The Mentally Ill
  21. Knock it off
    by The Putz
  22. Two
    by Dan Vapid And The Cheats
  23. Parade Dust Mischief
    by Attic Ted
  24. Eradicator
    by The Eradicator
  25. Andysocial & The Antidotes
    by Andy Social And The Antidotes
  26. Hole In One
    by The Putz
  27. Fear And Loathing In New Jersey
    by The Sheckies
  28. Too Little....Too Late.... (The Andy Demos)
    by The Sheckies
  30. Debut 7"
    by Claw Toe
  31. Claw Toe EP
    by Claw Toe
  32. Bingo Gazingo
  33. Faerie Wunderpuss
    by The Vindictives
  34. The Sheckies
    by The Sheckies
  35. Clambakes And Outtakes
    by The Sheckies
  36. Knock it off
    by The Putz
  37. Rev. Norb & THE ONIONS s/t
    by Rev Norb and THE ONIONS
  38. Corey Webster Must Die!!!
    by The Ridgelands