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King Headswim

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  1. Copernicus (2012)
    by Alabaster dePlume
  2. Ain't Life Hard When You're In Highschool?
    by Dark Willow
  3. City Rivims Mk 1
    by Sub Luna City
  4. Power to the Women of the Morning Shift EP
    by Oum Shatt
  5. GLITZ
    by Drop Out Venus
  6. Death is Screaming
    by Drop Out Venus
    An ode to hypo mania, bursting the bubble of the plastic pop dream.
  7. Be Brave
    by Drop Out Venus
    Piano Improvisation Number Two Piano Improvisation Number Two
    Honesty, integrity and majesty. All come with Being Brave. These kids have beauty and patience. I stand in awe.
  8. A Dead Sun For A Black Earth LP
    by Among The Bones
  9. Seafood
    by Beaty Heart
  10. Live at Levontin7, split w/ Colin Min Sai
    by HALO HALO
    Sunshine Kim Sunshine Kim
    I find it harder and harder in recent times to find musicians who's playing oozes with jubilation. Halo Halo shimmer in it .
  11. Shhhh EP
    by She Keeps Bees
    Stutter Stutter
    Whether it is singing in an empty room just clapping her words out or with a full band, masterful.
  12. SKB-007 7" Record
    by She Keeps Bees
    Side A. Counter Charm Side A. Counter Charm
    Perfect offering to warm my walls and dry the ink on the pages in front of me.
  13. Sun
    by Flamingods
    Taishōgoto Taishōgoto
    Positive hypnosis. The ritual and magic of these kids live shows leave you floating home.
  14. Revel Hidden Worlds
    by Liam the Younger
    All Here For All Here For
    Liam is the Guthrie of my internet. Long live the digital wild west.
    by Koudlam
    Many a cosmic pill has dissolved under my tongue due to Mr. Koudlam.

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  1. Copernicus (2012)
    by Alabaster dePlume
  2. Sweet Heart Loop
    by Monk Breton
  3. Be Brave
    by Drop Out Venus
  4. Ain't Life Hard When You're In Highschool?
    by Dark Willow
  5. Supercool
    by Dark Willow