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  1. Bleed Like Me (Demo)
    by Moocher
  2. Epic Truths & Fantaisies
    by Supertzar
    Satan Is Worshiped Here Satan Is Worshiped Here
    Hail Satan!
  3. Worship the Weird
    by Sacred Monster
    Face of My Father Face of My Father
    I will remember the face of my father!
  4. Incantations (Single)
    by Trash Bats
    Amazing music as always!
  5. Blood On My Name (Single)
    by Trash Bats
    Another Awesome Track!
  6. The Prey (Single)
    by Trash Bats
    Awesome Track!
  7. No Rest For The Righteous (Single)
    by Trash Bats
    Awesome new track!
  8. Ad Nauseam Memoriae
    by Blitzkid
    Ad Nauseam Memoriae Ad Nauseam Memoriae
    Fucking Awesome!
  9. Natural Born Zombie Killer
    by Dr. Spookenstein
    Into the Fires Into the Fires
    Fucking Great!
  10. Hidden Horrors
    by Dr. Spookenstein
    I think I'm Dead I think I'm Dead
    Another great album!
  11. Devil Clown Hunts the Town
    by Dr. Spookenstein
    The End of All Things The End of All Things
    Fucking great album!
  12. Andromeda [2020]
    by Anders Manga
    Lucifer's Light Lucifer's Light
    Great MuSICK!
  13. Venus In Furs
    by Anders Manga
    Great cover!
  14. Dead Men Walking
    by Serpenteens
    X-Ray Eyes! X-Ray Eyes!
    Great MuSICK!
  15. Do You Want To Be Destroyed?
    by Serpenteens
    The Gift The Gift
    Fucking Amazing!
  16. Dead Men Walking - The Original Demos
    by Serpenteens
    Silver Bullet Silver Bullet
  17. The Superhuman Monstershow
    by Serpenteens
    Tonight (acoustic version) Tonight (acoustic version)
    Fucking Awesome!
    Answering the Call (Intro) Answering the Call (Intro)
    Fucking awesome!
  19. Beat My Guest
    by The Order of the Fly
    Great cover!
  20. Into This Abyss
    by The Order of the Fly
    Adrift and Alone Adrift and Alone
    Great MuSICK!