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blendwerk tv on youtube
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  1. Chapters of Zdenka
    by salami rose joe louis
    I got intrigued by Salami Rose Joe Louis on now I´m a total hypnotized listening zombiefan- If AIR would be a highly creative strong female band they`ll sound like this. But I guess I ts one wonderwoman in here doing the epicness alone.
    Protect You Protect You
    Have you realized that " instant" mp3 etc. maybe killed the meaning of great longterm music and bands ? Musicians "these days" seemingly are not qualifying for the long run ? Think about "Ferdinand", "Bloc Party" , so many vanished from the surface. With Spiedkiks, "a loyal friend" I´ll even make it through Corona and other crisis in my life because they give a strong, loyal bonding to their fans and listeners. I`ll always listen to their music. I owe them...
    Again,... they did it. When I heared about this concept I thought : NO WAY !!!! Seriously ? It works total fascinating and a future coming format. I m stunned about the daft and shining fine earcreature which needs 10 sec to enter your brain. Trust me. Let you simply dive into the amazing world of SPIEDKIKS. Every nano second enjoyable on their highest niveau ever.
  4. Venetian Snares x Daniel Lanois
    by Venetian Snares x Daniel Lanois
  5. An empty bliss beyond this World
    by The Caretaker
    Libet's delay Libet's delay
    I guess all his timeless works of The Caretaker are a constant reference to the abyss of the fading away. The underworld of my dreams, their monsters, death in a very postive sense and the love to my very personal images are perfectly clear then. Here I really can say that I deeply adore some kind of weird fiction of soundmaking, sounddesign and god.
    Xcoffee Xcoffee
    I adore these guys for making such an amazing comeback from that former big beat true and give at a dramatic importance. That was my tune of the 90ies and it keeps me movin`. They supported my work in the past and will go on doing that in the future. They have to ! It´s like enjoying the best funkiest salad in the most expensive restaurant.