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  1. Contemplation
    by Hélène Vogelsinger
    Simply because I really like what Hélène plays: her delicate and captivating sounds taken from her synth modules, manipulated by her expert hands ...
    A culmination after dreaming about her videos shot in magical places, in total connection with her musical atmospheres ...;)
    Thanks a lot for this very nice journey!!
  2. Maéra
    by Maéra
    I've just discovered these very nice ambient tracks! That's difficult for me to.say wich one I prefere!! I should say ALL of them!! :)
    I highly recommend to listen the tracks and sounds from Maéra!!
  3. Tundra
    by Maéra
  4. Autumn Of Communion 5
    by Autumn Of Communion
  5. Azurae
    by Jonn Serrie
  6. You + I
    by Madison McFerrin
  7. Tactile Ground
    by Robert Rich
  8. Ultime Atome
    by Alpha Lyra
    Excellent album! sounds and ambiances are very nice! somewhere in between here and far away in space...
    just close your eyes and enjoy!
    by KLIMENT
  10. Serpentines & Valleys
  11. Oblivion EP
    by Lyli J
    I'm a fan of her music!! Big up to Lyli J.!! You're the best!
  12. A Novel Sense of Calm
    by Massergy
  13. Walking in the Air
    by Lyli J
  14. Chrysalide
    by Lyli J
    Thanks a lot for your beautiful music!
    You always offers us nice surprises with the atmospheres you create in your tracks!
    Favorite tracks: Beautiful Energy & Love you so
  15. Surface
    by Specta Ciera & Arbee
  16. Autumn Sky
    by Eternell & endlesstrains
  17. Borderland
    by Ludvig Cimbrelius
  18. Land
    by Nunc Stans
  19. ORCHID [eM Compilation 2015]
    by Various Artists
  20. Haven
    by Eternell