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Kimberly Freeman

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  1. Secret Lullaby
    by Kimberly Freeman
    Rust Rust
  2. The Vicious Ones
    by The Vicious Ones
    In the Complex In the Complex
  3. Hemlock
    by Bazil Rathbone
    White Car Conspiracy White Car Conspiracy
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  4. Hazy Shade of Gold
    by Pine Street Ramblers
    High Wind High Wind
    I sang backups on this album, and Jason produced it.. Love every song. The musicianship and songwriting is phenomenal from these guys. I just bought a copy for myself and one for my dad. :)
  5. Sir Jhon
    by Sir Jhon
    Mr. Pancake Mr. Pancake
    Buy this album immediately, and be forever enhanced!

    Seriously, this is one of my favorite albums eveeeer by one of the awesomest people eveeer, Sir Jhon AKA Mr. Swimmy Socks! Well, two of the awesomest people... cause Junior produced it! :)
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  6. Down the hole
    by Vera Mesmer
    My friend Christopher Mesmer's project. His voice is just brilliant and sweet, and his lyrics and music are amazing. His bassist Nadja is gorgeous and super talented as well. Really neat people.. Looking forward to some collabs in the near future! Look out..
  7. Dark Soul
    by Mike Hidalgo
    Dark, honest and warm... I had the honor of guest singing on this song, and Jason produced it. Mike is a good one. Keep your eye on him.
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  8. The Untimely End of The Reverend Jonny Flash
    by The Reverend Jonny Flash
    I Will Survive I Will Survive
    Jonny is hilarious.. A great songwriter and plays mad ukulele. I will Survive is SO GOOD on this album. I sang back-ups on a couple songs. Crackwhore is about me.
  9. Odd vs Even
    by Banana Face
    This is Jonny Flash's experimental music. He's brilliant.. We made a music video for this, and it was banned from Youtube cause of my nipple.
  10. The Early Years Vol. 1
    by Anthony McCarthy
    Running from the Fire Running from the Fire
    Anthony is an incredible singer-songwriter. We met back in my Eugene, Oregon acoustic days. I've been a fan from day one.
  11. The Early Years Vol. 2
    by Anthony McCarthy
    Hopes and Fears (Baby, Don't Cry) Hopes and Fears (Baby, Don't Cry)
    Some of my favorite songs are on this and the other "Early Years" album. Buy them. Buy them now.
  12. LOUD!!!
    by NOIZEE
    This is my friend Noizee! <3 I love this chick! She's 100% rock and roll, just a brilliant performer and great person. This album is a lot of fun!!!
  13. The Fallout & Touch Single Combo
    by Bee Sting Sessions
    The Fallout The Fallout
    T is a very talented friend of mine.. I dig her dark bluesy jazzy super sultry style.. Very honest and beautiful music..
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  14. On My Own
    by Trebor Sor
    Set Yourself Free Set Yourself Free
    My friend Rob Ross' project, really great songwriting. I sang back-ups on this song, and Jason helped with the mix. Also, Jason and I drew the album art on a Mel's Diner placemat in LA. :)