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  1. The Scream Is Truly Silent
    by Tino Valpa
  2. Out of Step Outtakes
    by Minor Threat
  3. DC Special
    by Scream
  4. 1988-1995
    by Tar
  5. Toast
    by Tar
  6. Three Masks
    by J. Robbins
  7. Mountain
    by BURN
  8. Audio Flame Kit (EW015/AH004)
    by Corm
  9. NMC17
    by Scream
  10. Mesh
    by MESH
  11. 20th Anniversary Subscription Series (Split with Dreamwell)
    by My Fictions
  12. Trash Film
    by Scumfire
  13. Two Worlds One (TxWxOx)
    by Two Worlds One (TxWxOx)
  14. Faim
    by FAIM
  15. Swallow
    by Demons
  16. Went White
    by Went White
  17. They Taught Us How to Read in Nam
    by Thank You Driver
  18. The Complete Session, May 1981
    by Assault & Battery
  19. Cut. Heal. Scar.
    by Winds of Promise
  20. The Rest Is Distraction
    by Girls In Synthesis