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  1. Omsk, Russia
  2. Metal
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    by Julia Bondar
  2. My Zero Gravity
    by Thousand Year Storm
  3. Mojave
    by Stuart Pearson
  4. Beach
  5. Full Of Sin
    by Swilly
    good ol' riff worship and meaningful lyrics! you can trust your special mood to Swilly big time!
  6. Luna Aeterna
    by Nýr Gata
    Nihil Nihil
    Nyr Gatas sophomore album is one of the finest German releases of the year, conquering the black/death arena. Way more variety and impact
  7. Manbreaker (feat. Neun)
    by Chris Maragoth
    Alexa, play a breakdown killed me lmao. I think that’s the first thing to pop up when you google “metal”
  8. Sevaskar
    by Sevaskar
  9. Gothferatu
    by Jade The Nightmare
  10. Selfless
    by Sevaskar
    If Author&Punisher is too bright for you Sevaskar will provide you with the sickest industrial sound possible, throwing in absolutely insane rhythmic structure and choice of instruments.
  11. Forteresse
    by Hilde
  12. Acceptance
    by Post Luctum
  13. DAWN
    by Gamma Corvi
  14. Only One 2.0
    by Matriarchs
  15. Faceless Travellers
    by The Triplet Code
    must listen for fans of classic and psychedelic rock, King Crimson, Tame Impala and King Gizzard... and maybe Melvins too.... wish to see this band live someday, should be a crazy experience
  16. A History of the American West and Other Stories
    by Nigel Barker
  17. Horus
    by Gravesend
  18. Kill Until You Die
    by Thrashlord
    Leather & Steel Leather & Steel
    Fuck yeah kick ass heavy metal with strong Motorhead vibes! Brootal, fast and relentless! Must listen for the fans of thrash metal with modern twist! HORNS UP!
  19. Doom of Babylon
    by Watchman
    The Second Death The Second Death
    For Fans of Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, Sleep, you name it! top notch trad / psych doom! hit it!
  20. Dead In the Road
    by Santaga